How Close Are We to Replacing Humans With Robots?

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A.I. advancements are making robots look more like humans. How long until they replace us?

What Happens If We Give A.I. The Ability To Remember Everything? –

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‘AI Is Good for the World,’ Says Humanoid Robot
“About 67,000 years ago, a gigantic mammoth chowed down on enormous mouthfuls of grass in Texas, just west of where modern-day Austin is located, according to new research.”

For the First Time, a Robot Passed a Medical Licensing Exam
“Xiaoyi, an AI-powered robot in China, for example, has recently taken the national medical licensing examination and passed, making it the first robot to have done so. Not only did the robot pass the exam, it actually got a score of 456 points, which is 96 points above the required marks.”

Artificial Intelligence Is Poised to Revolutionize Warfare
“Wars have traditionally been declared — and fought — by humans. Now a rising chorus is warning that AI is set to radically remake global conflict, and even potentially how and when governments use force”

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Papooros says:

Damn Institute ideology

Heavenly Settings says:

lvl 50000 indian man

Plofomeister says:

Welcome to 2020 where Covid is a Epidemic , Robots now Swear on the Internet and Military Androids are Killing Terrorists

CLAUDE_SEED906 says:

I say android
My mom thinks: phone
My dad thinks: phone
My grandpa thinks: phone
My grandma thinks: phone
My cousins thinks: phone
Me: robot


Where are my Detroit become human people.

Articalex says:

happy institute noises

Gamerrific Terrific says:

Me: if it actually happens and i get a robotic armor
Also me: how can i play games then??


if I had an android I'd treat it like a human

Aqua Twins says:

millions later
humanoid exists
humanoid gone wrong plans world domination


Lavender Ink says:

Can't wait for the next update.

EnderShot says:

So many movies talking about robots taking over… My god its going to happen…

zach zuckerberg says:

yall are crazy

ZippyAlex says:

Actually if human robots existed it would be the end of the world

ItzSuckls says:

Wheres the deviants?

Jamber says:

Detroit: become human

WilliamBRO 2007 says:

Ai that just made me think about Lt commander Data from Star trek tng

Pumko says:

In ten years I want to be married to one of these 😂😂

Mr. potato bread says:



So u chosen future

Baaambozeled says:

If they are making Android's don't make them imune to water so we can beat an uprising

Coco Koko says:

I dont want an a.i robot but i want a smart a.i system because robot is creepy if they can talk

Coco Koko says:

Ultron revolution is begin

dd9dda9453 David says:

We don’t need a robot have self consciousness .We just need tools that help us .

InsertClownHere says:

Just put a brain in a robot lol

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