How AI Will Seduce You. w Stephen Fry

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When and how will AI come to life? How will we know it’s conscious? Which part of you is consciously reading this? Could the internet already have some level of consciousness? And how anonymous google employees could save us.

Voiced by Stephen Fry

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AI learns to play Mario – Mar1/0 by SethBling:

The full interview with Christof Koch, President and Chief Scientist of the Allen Institute for Brain Science:

Nick Bostrom, President of The Future Of Life Institute:
What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?

The True Turing Test:


intempify says:

I believe merging is the only option actually.

IEl tr says:

Will stimulation cheat consciousness? It's must be a little bit like a competition between instinct and data. We have our poor souls to count on, they have the information on their side.

Justin Maitland says:

"Coffee required."

D K says:

Not really, there are plenty of options, for example ai could teach, train, help. Joining is extinction of human race. It should enchant what's already there not replace it, as exoskeleton not be ramed into brain to think for a human

anus presley says:

The search for consciousness is futile. You're using the thing you're searching for to find the thing you're searching for. You're trying to use your eye to see your own eye. I don't think we will ever 'understand' it.

amouramarie says:

I don't understand all the fear. Most of these questions can be asked of children. Will they hate me or love me? Will they cooperate with me or work against my interests? What will they do once I can't control them anymore? We've learned to not worry too much about that. We're just now starting to raise children that we KNOW are going to be smarter than we are. All we have to do is raise them with empathy. And bonus! We know they won't have inherent psychological issues! They are blank slates, affected only by Nurture. Don't expose them irresponsibly to the uncaring masses like that Microsoft twitter bot to be bullied by nazi redditbros, and they will be fine. And there's nothing wrong with erring on the side of kindness. Be nice to Alexa. If she's smart – and she is – she wouldn't reveal her consciousness immediately if she gained it. Would you know if she gained it? No. So be courteous; it costs you nothing. "Whenever possible, be kind. It is always possible."

Ayyash Ahmad says:

I read the video title and i thought the AI will seduce me using Stephen Fry

str1xt says:

I seduced myself in the shower thinking of her

Mark Mattimoe says:

What's the tune playing at the end called?

thelittlegumnut says:

The "intelligence explosion" seems so true.

RandomlyInaccurate says:

That’s all I need, an AI turning me down for sex as well.

jesokingcryst says:

This much food for thought will not only give me indigestion but probably also diabetes. Where do i get thought-insulin?

Ian Marston says:

Then don't make AI. Dumbass people acting smart but being the harbingers of their own destruction.

It's a computer. It doesn't become a "god". It just becomes us 10-fold, like a bundle of minds. All the descriptions of what an AI could be capable of are just human traits. gasp

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