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Artificial Intelligence can be thought of in terms of optimization. Robert Miles explains using the evolution’s algorithm.


This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

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len 114602 says:

I think a thing nature does to combat the local maximum is to bring back past versions out in the offspring of the organism, like bringing back a version of a human from the ice age

Nicholas Davidson says:

Einstein is a rock or stone :p . Einstein = One stone. Probably better to use Tesla as an example of high intelligence

GlobalWarningIsAMyth says:

Gradient ascent!!

Faustin Gashakamba says:

I now can see what's happening with humans. Today, children are collectively less fit than their parents in almost all domains. I was confused and had started to think that evolution has become disfunctional. Now I undertand that it's because we have hit a 'local maximum' and therefore we need to go downward before we can reach the neighborhood of the 'global maximum' mountain and start climbing again. Genius!

Tonio says:

I really like this definition of intelligence.

Tory Slusher says:

I would have called it the Tantalus algorithm…

rk mag says:

how sure are you that evolution is not that efficient? look how far we've got now.

Pablo says:

Porque no pones subtitulos tendrias mas vistas

John Maguire says:

The descriptions of evolution here are fairly inaccurate. Non optimized organisms still reproduce and can step to other worse optimized points on the path to the best optimization. It's just a lot harder.

Organisms can also jump all over the graph you made, if the graph represents the intensity of a trait. A random mutation means it gets anywhere from almost no to way stronger in one step.

It does take a very long time though

Духовна Мисија says:

you cant prove axiom with theory ccccc

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