Google Docs Voice Recognition: Voice Typing

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Google Voice Recognition for Google Docs. Talk instead of typing. Learn to use Google Voice for Google Docs as well as the current known Google Voice Commands.


Steven Arevalo says:

But I did it but I don’t have voice typing

dee pee says:

Can any other language be used for the "speech to text"? If yes, how ?

Padraig Fitton says:

i have to do this tutorial in school looooooooooooooool

Sukhpreet Kaur says:

amazing, thanks a lot

Jd Chacon says:

Hey everybody

Singer Monica says:

Knowledge is power. Thanks Randy!

KellyDeanBishopatgmaildotcom says:

…and you're planning to send this voice to text to The President? What about using a usb microphone; any special setup required?

Amar Ramdial says:


Eliene santos conrado Santos says:

✝️ ⛎ D✝️E✝️U✝️S✝️

DeathStalkerJ says:

Google talk to text is the worst piece of nap I've ever seen in eye life can't even understand basic a brush

korv liten says:

my google docks can´t find my micropone. Is there any micropone settings in google?

Love you says:

thnx very much….

Souadkia Chems El Asil says:

I couldn't find this voice typing feature

Danielle Tremblay says:

This is awesome!

amer hakimy says:

Can it work on other than english language ?

Masjid Al Hurriyyah IPB says:

do you now how to keep google voice run while i open new tab, because every time i open new tab, google voice type stop

J J says:

Awesome video and app I’m a PA and have to minute meetings. If I was to record the meeting and played it back would google be able to transcribe the minutes appreciate they won’t be 100% word for word. Look forward to your feedback

Marcus Po says:

My drive tools typing is disable. How to i enable this thing. Sir

SourMonkey says:

i just did my homework in like 50sec because of u thanks a lot

William Treat says:

what kind of mic should i buy to make this work.and do you just plug it into the front of your pc ?

tedbear says:

Cool, thanks.

sweetchaos Fox says:

this docs is gonna come in handy

Hana Kazumi says:

Great tutorial. I have a problem with the mic. The mic doesn't ON continuously and it records a bit slow. How to solve the problem? Another question, it can't write text from the laptop audio. Is there any other way to make transcripts from audio in the laptop? Thanks

Bernice C. Thomas says:

thank you know I can write my book.

Gdude277 says:

I was ten when this was made

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