GLADOS lamp voice recognition. She can control my room!

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I participate with a contest on instructables (voice activated challenge) so if you want to vote for me i would realy appreciate it 🙂

After a long time of work I finnaly got GLADOS her mind working. She can now control my room using voice commands and of cours answer some easy questions. I have a total of 80 voice commands that can be used and more are being added continuously!
Currently she can control my::
* lights
*decoration lights (and monitors)
*beamer (with hdmi switch)
* VR (htc vive and he lighthouses)

After this I will start working on glados her body again.

If you want to help me to create more of such things I have patreon now 🙂

learn the basics of how i made GLADOS:


Sami Swoosh says:

This is the video that dragged me into the portal fandom and I have no regrets


did you make the glados lamp

Bauke van der Kooi says:

Hast ek nog updates Douwe?
Mis dit machtig project.

Ларря Эйди says:

Пипец, я просто в шоке, хочу такую же😭😭😭

Squeguin Quack says:

This is the Alexa I want

GAMEMASTER56 5612 says:

I want one so BAD PLZ tell me where to get one

zero says:

I want one really bad! How mutch!

DaRabbitAnimating says:

Pretty sure this is echo?

Werax says:

Wery kruto

Anti 000 says:

The government is hiding this from us and portals guns in area 51

tvc hd polska says:

Hou to buld a glados lammp

XXExposedSuperFishXX says:

(just a joke) Is there a kill boss mode protocol?

Are you Bob the kid says:

That’s sick honestly 🤯

Zakermen Zakovich says:

Okay GLaDOS, deploy deadly neurotoxin in kitchen.

BacterYT :v says:


Adrian Cornac says:

You didn't put any neurotoxin injectors in your house right?

PurplePartyTiger :D says:

Woah, hold on — NO FREAKING WAY
How??? How was this done?!?! I mean, I don't actually need to know, but I guess it would be cool to know. 😝

Sans15 says:

So how many lines of script

Xavier X says:

activate neurotoxines

Vojta Gamesí says:

With those lights and computer. It is fake. We can clearly hear the light switches. that computer? You can do the same throughout an app. But the voice is not bad.

Koru Kaitsuo says:

Why isn’t she moving?

Pop Extra says:

i want that so bad

Natah Takaizumi says:

this must have took forever to make. Tutorial?

Cow mow says:

How much money you want for "her" 500$ what are you say its negotiable ok thank you

Play List Productive says:

I finally done recreating a giant glados in real life vidio is coming to my real Chanel soon

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