Ginni Rometty: It Should Be Augmented Intelligence, Not Artificial

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Ginni Rometty, the Chief Executive Officer of IBM, sits down with Fareed Zakria to discuss artificial intelligence and what it means for the future of work. We should be clear about the purpose of these technologies, says Rometty, and they should be in the service of mankind. The conversation was originally published on January 18, 2017.


Harrison Turley says:

Hidden Figures is about far more than John Glen orbiting the moon and the IBM Mainframe… isn't that part of the point?

DS YAMO says:

im still to find a decent strategy game with an AI equal to human level and this person is talking about "augmented intelligence". maybe they are augmented compare to a particular individual but as a whole they lack a great deal.
you could call them recollectors and extrapolators but they are far from an intelligence. try to program a computer to call a bluff in any given situation and then ill be impressed because so long as they are predictable they will never be intelligent.

Wellington Mugendi says:

There is a way we could achieve inclusion and control of AI with respect to computation. What do you think about

THE 73RD POWER says:

The time right now is 11:43pm

Andew Tarjanyi says:

The term "Augmented Intelligence" is equally as nonsensical as "Artificial Intelligence". Both terms are based on the supposition that humans are the pinnacle of intelligence which is not only an idiotic notion but more importantly, objectively unsupportable.

Greg Belcher says:

It’s important that we establish a PC term for AI. It’s the only way to prolong our inevitable enslavement.

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