George Takei | Full Q&A | Oxford Union

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Having risen to fame as Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek, George Takei is one of the best loved sci-fi actors in the world and a Hollywood Walk of Fame inductee. His extensive work in promoting LGBTQIA+ and human rights has earned him a number of awards, including the LGBT Humanist Award 2012 and the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette by the Japanese Government.

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wayne burgess says:

How can anyone hate on this mans life, or be anything but sympathetic towards anyone who has gone through injustice?
He and his parents obviously proud to be Americans send us a warning from history to fight ignorance and not each other.
This is true of all countries, but I guess there will always be fools who hate first without thought or provocation because they are raised in ignorance and intolerance. Peace 👍

Mack Lee says:

Why the dislikes? :/

GM Exposure says:

So much respect and thank you for sharing your story Mr. Takei.

solitarymaninblack says:

There is the Fort Minor song Kenji.

jslasher1 says:

Unforgettable. Thank you Mr Takei for telling it like it was. You are a hero as someone else has previously noted below.

brainsareus says:

George; RIOT, is the Law&Order perspective for Stonewall .. why not; more accurately, call it an UPRISING??!!

brainsareus says:

Important, for sure; but the preachy delivery turned me off a bit.
It would have been more powerful, without it.

TrainInVain says:

Gropey McGropeface

stephen chucky says:

such eloquence. and you have that tangerine numpty as potus?

Gareth Williams says:

I'm not a Trekkie but I really respect this guy.

Matt Chapman says:

Poisonous comment section. Who comments negatively on a video they don't have to watch? Just keep scrolling. For the Homopbobes: look up the peer reviewed study that shows homophobia is linked to repressed homosexuality, they attack that which they repress themselves. Literally every time I see homophobia, I have a chuckle.

webbess1 says:

The British shouldn't feel so superior when it comes to Japanese internment. They did the same thing as the Americans:


This should get more views.

The Fisher King says:

Has this idiot never heard of Doctor Who?

Adam Adams says:

Non-white AND gay????

Then we MUST listen!!!

Ydonkov says:

A vote for a woman Hillary just so we can say we are not a sexist society. Um, wait, isn´t that sexist by itself?

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