Geoffrey Hinton: The Godfather of Deep Learning

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When Geoffrey Hinton, a researcher at Google and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto, began his work in deep learning in the 1970s, he was told he would spend his life toiling away in obscurity. Deep learning is a form of artificial intelligence that mimics the human brain. Now, four decades later, his research is revolutionizing AI. He joins The Agenda to discuss his work and what kept him going.


Aayush Soni says:

Anchor: Google gave you the position as a Distinguished Researcher, what does that mean?
Hinton: I have no idea…
Gotta love his honesty lol xD

newident ity says:

"Genius is never understood in its own time" – Bill Watterson.
"Genius always finds himself a century too early" – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ian Carroll says:

he's now working for google ? something just doesn't sit right…

Aman Kumar says:

He is godfather then who is father?

Bob Boettcher says:

Steve, I wish you would have asked how more of these great jobs and companies could be based in Canada. Seems like the vast majority of the benefits of the Canadian government funded research are going to benefit the US.

Assaf Wodeslavsky says:

More government propaganda by another “oh I’m so humble and great now give me your money and let your children starve to death”.

Dixing Xu says:

probably gangster as well

vonzo55 says:

Very inspiring

cute egg says:

very humble and wonderful mind and man as well

Dan Sutherland says:

very interesting indeed, thanks for the upload

Jan Henje says:

Obviously, kinds of AI has already gone past our perception – as noticed by i.a. Thomas Friedman (""Thank you for being late"). Elon Musk may help us to catch up.

Repentance says:

I really like this guy, he's honest and had no problem telling the truth.

Henri de Feraudy says:

I actually remember strolling through the halls of Carnegie Mellon University in 1986 and I peeked into his office and saw him intensely concentrated. He already had a big name for himself then. I have a very high regard for this guy.


"it is still regards as crazy but it is accepted because it works". simply inspiring.

Alexandria School of Science says:

Fantastic video!

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