Generating adversarial patches against YOLOv2

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Supplementary material of our paper to be presented on the CVPR Workshop: CVCOPS (

Simen Thys, Wiebe Van Ranst, and Toon Goedemé. "Fooling automated surveillance cameras: adversarial patches to attack person detection."


itbeginx says:

It's because you're a wizard Harry…

last shadow says:

AI: what kind of sorcery is this?!

Ichinin says:

The question we want to know is: How does a mime fair in those bounding boxes?

Atalay Deveci says:

For military use, it's more convenient to use thermal, depth or infrared dataset to train the detector. I guess they will be harder to fool. says:

Nice trick or the robot AI is very displeased about that art.
Any person with this art will not be considered as human from the AI overlords. Who would have thought that the AI will be the most critical of art critics 🙂

Please do not do this trick in front of robot cars !

Judaszuechtung says:

when u make figurs and puppies that look like on this picture and put them around the body, maybe u can trick it then from every angle

Skipper Linguini says:

Would support crowdfunding for recognition defense wearables!

Rodrigo Benenson says:

I would suggest a second version of this video where person 2 holds a random poster (e.g. favourite CD album cover) of same size as the adversarial patch; to show that it is not the "hips occlusion by colourful square" that is not throwing out the detector (but instead, the crafted adversarial attack).

david bizer says:

I want the shirt! start selling them!

Nationsorg Asscociation says:

Good day!

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ger-fran slzr says:

si al medico lo perdonaron por que creía que lo iban a matar …cualquier loco podría decir que macri también y?????ajajajaaja espero que la ministra también lo reciba para hacer campaña

Вадим Цветков says:

this is fucking amazing!!!!

Виталий says:

hello, mr. fridge

Kirill Olokin says:

1:04 just refrigerator passing by

beanNronin says:

I'm curious to see the patch moved horizontally and vertically within the (potential) human frame, not just held in the middle.

Jesus DeLeon says:

Can someone explain to me how this is done

Michael Soareverix says:

Here from Quora 🙂

Isaac Newton says:

well done !

Genumano says:

Se essa IA fosse inteligente, colocaria pelo menos "TELETUBBIE" na identificação.

ChrisMC says:

Where did the other guy come from and where did the stripe shirt guy go?

TONY Reyes says:

It system only need memory. At 0:26 minute the system checked you as a person, but it forget it. If the system could remember the last 5 seconds of labeled objects things would be different.

Maxime Tournadre says:

Amazing, the paper was great too

Nauvo Fact says:

If you are stupid, for you smatrphone is magic. But if you know how it is working – very sad to see video like this. Stupid americans are most supid peole in world.

Bad Boy says:

он просто гениталии прикрывает и он не человек.

Chad Baxter says:

I want a high res version of that patch
the paper only has compressed jpegs
the paper:

Henri Helvetica says:

Imagine: what looks like a vinyl record sleeve/cover is completely disrupting the algorithm.

Danny Brewer says:

This important development helps security camera systems not to make noises that would disturb the sleep of security guards.

Денис Рыбальченко says:

It works only for YOLO detector. I try SSD detector, it founds all persons.

MANOJ GUHA K 15BMC049 says:

This is important because if such object detection system is used in autonomous military systems, then the enemies can easily fool them with such techniques.

afn29129 David says:

Hawaiian shirts might come back into style.

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