Future World 2030: Dr Michio Kaku's predictions. Documentary 2018

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Future World 2030: Dr Michio Kaku's predictions. Documentary 2018

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You can see more of Dr. Michio Kaku at: https://www.facebook.com/michiokaku

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Astrobum says:

Watch Documentary about Weed here.

Bass Fishing with the AntiChrist says:

One person will inherit the world. Government will be replaced by robots. Everyone else will be slaves.(f#cked)

donkerheid says:

Isn't this the world of 8 year-old boys?

Ardy Davidson says:

I searched "positive future predictions" to get here. The world he is describing sounds awful. Who wants to live like that?

Robert Reeves says:

I came here for a scientific predation of the future development not a comedy show this video is 90% comedy and 10% science.

russell dunning says:

Hmm… sounds a lot like 2008, not 2018. Also, Moore's law's no longer a thing. In early 2019, it's process node groundhog day.

yubl yubl says:

Its already 2019

Nathan Maxwell says:

More AI to control the population…great that is just what we need…

giphuf girklethunk says:

your lucky your mother lets you bastard. My mother always tells me when i get my own home i can do that, but nothing like that at this house. I have even i prepares a budget plan and a complete design of the machine and count all parts money time needed to accomplish the task I've tried to get her to let me.

Ricky says:

Kachu kachu toh zabardast fekriyo. Lag hai budape m satak gyo hai

TUNESMITH da INFINITY Tunegate says:

How do u calculate the future from the past to now and why is it the only option ,race ,War, starvation, Diseases , environment, metal, school, ITS ALL A CALCULATED FOMULA..IF NOT THEN ITS NOT INTELLIGIBLE ITS SOCIOPATHIC THATS A FORMULA ITS NOT INFORMATIVE ITS A HIGH CALCULATION THE ROPE DROPS YOUR HEAD FALLS YOUR A SCIENTIST, that effects everyone either way I mean IT DOESNT MATTER BUT WHY DOES IT MAKE LIFE BETTER INFACT IS IT FOOLRY and what will we have to do if we can’t get it and what happens if it continues we already started to mutate I understand ok it’s cool the world kinda did it to themselves AND KILLING KEEPS THE LIVING ALIVE I GET IT SO ITS MY IDEA that was fast same time we may not even be around to see it as we see it or make a difference if it’s just a calculation or simulation or If it’s God that weird or aliens or some sort of weird reflection of a object we don’t know of but do but can’t understand or simultaneous phenomena It’s DEFINITELY SOMETHING TO DO WITH LIMITATIONS ITS ALL TOGETHER OR NOT BUT IT HAS RELATION ITS VOID ITS A CREATURE OR A PRISON INSIDE A CREATURE it is like a creature it’s swallowing up or eating us making food and eating it more advanced but not really like how we advance bees pollinate trees it’s all a system it’s all organic it’s protected but outside of the galaxy nothing else exist right we are so much like scabies or protein the body produces YEAH WE NEED MORE THAN WEIRD STUFF HAPPENING WE REALLY NEED A CALCULATION THAT EXPLAINS REALITY I SEE ITS A SOMETHING WITH ENERGY FOOD AND REPRODUCTION

Lafeo 007 says:

His first 30 mins are from Physics of the future?

Michael Gancot says:

Fossil Fuel (Crude Oil) comes from "dead animals and plants" my foot! Just think about the passage in the bible where it rained "Fire and Brimstone"! Where did that come from ? Animals and Plants from OUTER SPACE? And we find it from deeper than 40 000 ft underground! Think!

Blackout Ally says:

Awesome science

Lone Wolf says:

this talk is from 2008

Candace Burchell says:

Love Michio, he's one of the brightest minds of the last 20 years. Outstanding.

Dao Quang says:

To all earthlings out there,

Please help to more humane technologies. Together we create the world.

Please don't be depressed or tempted, create a fucking paradise here. It is fucking possible.


John Ta says:

36:00 this time traveling scenario is actually a movie starring Ethan Hawke where he has a sex change, has sex with himself and births himself who grows up to travel back in time in this time traveling loop.

Ksikkihkini says:

This man is a Globalist pushing the Globalist Families agenda, he is a liar. Ask him about Agenda 21: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/documents/Agenda21.pdf

Read it and it will explain why the BLM is killing Americans and stealing their Real Property that in some cases has been in their families for over 100 years. Read it and see what the UN believes the sustainable world population should be, and how they plan on killing off 7 billion people.

Love and Light says:

Robots killing us is wayyy into the future and we will have plenty of warning??? Well….he told us here. They will be used for war and civic control. Might kill you if you disobey!

Michal Podhradský says:

If this guy would be less arrogant and didn't lie about "The Internet being created by physicists", which was actually created by mainly Computer Scientists in collaboration with Engineers and (just look at the wiki) it would be much more fun and I would even overlooked a few overstatements for sake of a tech popularization.

dan020350 says:

-.- in the future, the controllers will be able to produce false memories

eugene young says:

doomsday's coming

Rman hoss says:

This guy was fine until he talked about politics with the one society theory. That was childish. As long as some nations try to suck other nations there will be friction and it wouldn’t stop.

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