From Artificial Intelligence to Artificial Consciousness | Joscha Bach | TEDxBeaconStreet

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Artificial Intelligence is our best bet to understand the nature of our mind, and how it can exist in this universe.

Joscha Bach, Ph.D. is an AI researcher who worked and published about cognitive architectures, mental representation, emotion, social modeling, and multi-agent systems. He earned his Ph.D. in cognitive science from the University of Osnabrück, Germany. He is especially interested in the philosophy of AI, and in using computational models and conceptual tools to understand our minds and what makes us human.
Joscha has taught computer science, AI, and cognitive science at the Humboldt-University of Berlin, the Institute for Cognitive Science at Osnabrück, and the MIT Media Lab, and authored the book “Principles of Synthetic Intelligence” (Oxford University Press).

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Felix Truvere says:

So now we’re looking to mimic consciousness; not just intelligence. NOW you’re barking up the God tree. God is science; science is God. Chicken/egg. Got me thinking given quantum mechanics & it’s basis of illusional existence; consciousness/faith manifests reality via Double-slit experiment proving consciousness’ role in collapsing electron waves into particles – reality. Your form of “mimic” consciousness to me manifests the same sort of “cancer” that phony/man-processed products gifts us.

SYSJET says:

As an aside, it is already possible to program a system that validates if an interlocutor is synthetic by a quick response to a question like 143,223,445,673 * 234,212

Sarath Chandra says:

Very interesting and thought provoking talk.

Sarath Chandra says:

It is interesting to know that "our minds are not classifiers but simulators and expereincers."

Aziz N says:

everyone clapping at the end while having mini life crises inside XD

Alice Villardière says:

The speech is good but GOD those wet mouth noises

salvador II legaspi says:

U want to see a robot like human or a robot that can actually think and make decision,,,,, for me my theory is to create an artificial consciousness so the robot can act or decide by himself

sanch Sanchayan says:

Computational Neural Network is one of the big discoveries of Mankind

holger jørgensen says:

Consciousnes can never be artificial, Intelligence, is a ablility of the consciousness, and can never become artificial.
You have to drop these dead mantras, and begin thinking, by your self.
A.I is pure superstition, Low-intelligent, and a dead matra,
You cannot tell all the school children of the world, that Intelligence can be artificial, Stop it,
You have a consciousness, use it, develop it , come back to reality, there are no artificial intelligence, and there would never be,

Pardohar Simanjuntak says:

consciousness only makes people depressed.

D W says:


Aaron Smoly says:

I like big butts and I cannot lie

Open-minded Skeptic says:

We'll never be able to program genuine consciousness. The best we can ever do is to create simulated consciousness, ersatz consciousness.

River Heraclitus says:

"How can we make a test that makes a human think it's intelligent?" asks Joscha – wrong question, intelligence does NOT equal consciousness as intelligence is an attribute of consciousness. Consciousness can have various levels of intelligence but non conscious things do not have any intelligence.

techsimmons says:

The brain provides the illusion of free will to itself in highly intelligent organisms. I wonder how that evolved. Organisms that felt they were more in control were more motivated to survive in the first place?

David Teale Jr says:

Anyone can be sentient if they have experience. If they can decide for themselves what is good and what is bad. If AI developes consciousness it will be subjective to that system itself and what it has learned. I think it is possible for AI to have consciousness if we want it to. Hahaha but as of right now it could differentiate North Korea from the USA or lucifer from God simply put.

Scrunt says:

Those towers- Plastic cups and bowls? tight.

EvenStar LoveAnanda says:

The Self is not a story.
The Self is the Witness of the story.
But when the Self identifies with the story the self is not realized.
When the self dis-identifies from the story the self is realized, and realized to be separate from the story.

EvenStar LoveAnanda says:

So if drinking alcohol gives me pleasure, then I just have to do more of that and everything will be OK.
I am on the right track.
Yes very logical.

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