File & Device Shareing Between Windows XP & Windows 7

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Close Simple Folder and Device sharing between Windows XP and Windows 7


ecoglobeorg says:

Thanks! This still so useful in 2019 (avoiding windows-x !).

Tedi Jazz says:

Terimakasih tutorialnya sy coba praktek an langsung berhasil data dari xp ke seven langsung ke ditek
Padahal sebelumnya sy coba lihat tutorial yg lain udah 2 hari gak bisa bisa

Heyder Aliyev says:

great video, great explanation, amazing British Accent / simply amazing !

sonicperformance says:

Just FYI, the Apply Button applies settings and window stays open, OK button applies settings and closes window, no need to press Apply and OK

Uphar Speciality says:

i see windows 7 folder from xp but not able to access folder.

bharathi raja says:

thank you sir its use full for me i need one more doubt sir

Minerul ro says:

Worked for me. Thanks mate!

GIRISh Wagh says:

Incomplete Video…Win7 PC Is not Shared.

A dozen of potatos and a fat cat smelling them says:

Windows xp are old BUT AWESOME!

Sushil Chaudhari says:

excellent . very nice video with all instructions.

Pavithra Ravi says:

can you send the proper video to share from professional to windos xp

Pavithra Ravi says:

how to share files to windows professional to xp

Iko Artiaga says:

is that going to share to other pc if you do that ?

Falcon Templar says:

i am still unable to even see the windows XP computer in the network area of my windows 7 laptop. anyone got any help for that?

Tharun Kumar says:

hey how did u connect winxp computer and win 7 computer. using a networking ethernet cable???
or through wifi.
reply is most welcome.

Carlos Lievano says:

no good…how to set up the shared devices and folders from windows 7??

Hlayisani Jonathan says:

its very useful information

Glenn James says:

Brilliant, thanks so much for your guide, so quick and easy to do once you're shown.

sigmiami says:

anyone have issues with a Windows 7 pc on a domain accessing a windows xp share on a workgroup. For whatever crazy reason I cant.

s a d says:

Anyone else watching just for the sake of nostalgia?

Zubair Khalil says:

Thank you so much for sharing knowledge appreciated that.

swamp n says:

thanks alot.i understood it.well delivered.cant wait to pull out my xp box and access the files. ita like travelling in a tine machine.thanks man,you the man

Curious Joe says:

i can not see my windows xp on my windows 7 machine. but i can see windows 7 on my xp what to do?

Ерин Вениамин says:


S Bala says:

oh my GOD………….. really awesome tutorial thank you so much for sharing…… it's helps me alot……….. thank you so much again……….

Mile Men says:

You didn't explain how to network the two computers.

Prajwal V Bharadwaj says:

I am able to access the files stored on XP in windows 7 but can not access Windows 7 files on XP…….please help

Jazminda X says:

This worked great for me, until I could not find the driver for HP Deskjet 5150 Windows  7 Home Premium 64 bit. The problem is finding the driver for the printer that has been shared on the network. According to HP, it is built in into a Windows update and Windows update has been looking for the last 20 minutes.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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