Facial Expression Recognition Using Scikit-learn & OpenCV

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chirag pahuja says:

I have build a classifier using different emotion and have images stored in different folder how will i join them and make this happen that it recognizes when I m sad angry etc through the camera so help I have my classifier ready . Just needed to integrate the classifier and the camera . Hope to hear from you very soon:)

Shwetha Savalgi says:

Can this project be done in anaconda navigator??? Please reply….

Husnain uetian says:

Thank You so much brother 100% working

Mutayyba Waheed says:

I need your help to fix this error
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "F:8th semFYP DatasourceTrain Classifier and Test Video Feed.py", line 12, in <module>
faces =datasets.fetch_olivetti_faces()
File "C:Python27libsite-packagessklearndatasetsolivetti_faces.py", line 118, in fetch_olivetti_faces
faces = joblib.load(join(data_home, TARGET_FILENAME))
File "C:Python27libsite-packagessklearnexternalsjoblibnumpy_pickle.py", line 425, in load
obj = unpickler.load()
File "C:Python27libpickle.py", line 864, in load
KeyError: 'x'

Kumar Abhishek says:

Please share the presentation file. I want some of its graphics.

Uriel Juárez says:

Hi Izhar Shaikh!
Can you provide me the report?

I will be grateful to you

Safarrahman says:

bro, can u please give the ppt for reference

Igreque Zed says:

Hi, i'm working on a similar project, can I ask you some questions ? Please sene me you e-mail

El Mehdi El Moutaouakkil says:

Can we detect more than one face ?

vinay raghuvanshi says:

I want to add more emotions ….so if possible then pls help me and my gmail id is vinayraghuvanshi76@gmail.com

Rajat Kapsekar says:

Sir in this project where training dataset images are stored

Noyan Cyber says:

I need ur help in one image recognation project please help me

Bijesh Niroula says:

hey man , can i do this for other various emotions?

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