Facebook's Artificial Intelligence Targets Memes

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Source: Fox News Article: goo.gl/rmswN3

Thumbnail Image Source: https://pixabay.com/en/facebook-internet-network-social-1903445/

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Jezza says:

This shít is why I deleted my Facebook account.

john thomas says:

all get together and do a class act for lose of earnings for life after all the EU killed your jobs.

rutger houtdijk says:

4:50 This already happened: https://euobserver.com/justice/126375

Bilbo_Gamers says:

Could we use different radio frequencies to make a whole new internet again?

KabelkowyJoe says:

James Corbett – corbettreport for sure lives in Japain i to see You both together would be great 😉
James' channel and STGReport ware mine favorite until found Yours. No matter where – wish You luck.

david husband says:

fuck facebook. move over to gab.

Forrest William says:

Things are starting to boil here in the US. Militias will start to form again. Mark my words. We have the weapons and the attitude to get it done

Kyle Phelan says:

lets just use that 'prove your not a robot' font when making memes

John Doe says:

I used to think that some form of censorship must be enacted to prevent offensive content or speech. That was way back when. But now, I think people have a natural God given right to say what they want, and in the “free market of ideas” only the best will prevail.


I hate to say this, i really do, but if you thought for one second that the Internet would be left alone by a load of jobsworths and the hurt feelings brigade, then it was more wishful thinking on your part sadly.

I recall styxhexandhammer666 pontificating that we have you tube and their is nothing you can do, as i slapped my head in amazement that such a smart guy refused to believe or just did not see all this backdoor censorship happening in the near future, it was like he was taughting them to a challenge, and with their army of very well paid lawyers placated him.

VauxhallViva1975 says:

The whole copyright thing they are pushing is about as workable as the A.I. Stop Button problem. I will be among the first to laugh with glee, when these algorithms that are about to censor everyone, start attacking and censoring the lefties channels. Cos we all know, the lefties won't want that to happen, but by the time they realise it IS happening, it will be too late. And I will be laughing my ass off about it, cos – just as Dave said near the end of this video – we've been trying to tell them for fucking years. 'One algorithm to rule them all!'

amiiiu says:

THAT thing is called ROSETTA?! LMAO

amiiiu says:

BRITAIN OUT OF THE EU… HAHAHAHA you actually believe in Brexit?

crunchy limestone says:


The Jerk says:

Just put copyrighted music over Nazi propaganda so that the copyright holders are making money off of Nazi stuff, violating German law 🙂

Paramecium Tollies says:

"They trust me, dumb fucks"-Mark Fuckerburg.

ThisIslandEarth says:

As you point out, beyond the banning of "harmful" speech that ideologues happen to disagree with, there is a huge danger in the EU's copyright "protection" initiatives. I once had a fairly heated argument with a co-worker who maintained that if I took a picture of Chicago's Sears (now Willis) tower, I couldn't share it with others without permission because the skyscraper and its branding and architecture is someone's intellectual property.

Once this crazy EU stuff passes, the big platforms will have to operate everywhere under EU regs — they won't risk losing such a huge chunk of consumers. That will probably mean the end of memes, the end of using any image or clip, even in a fair use or transformative way, that you didn't produce yourself (and as you point out, possibly the end of uploading even your own photos that might depict someone else's intellectual property in the background).

Dumb AI will flag us at every turn, and it will be impossible (or impossibly time-consuming) to appeal. Of course, places like Getty Images will be happy to sell you licensed content for a premium price, and I'm sure they're salivating at the prospect of the end of the free and open web. Of course, under such a regime the smaller, poorer creators will struggle to keep doing their thing and give up, which I think is the secret, overriding goal of these regs.

Will this wake up the normies? Maybe. I think it likely that there will be a wave of protests that will falter and die off over time, and in a couple of years people will forget it was ever different.

kingbillybob says:

Eye yam tra eyeing ta tarick thu A+I cun pooter. Hawow Yam ma doin?

blackdragon0083 says:

come to the US, fight for the rights of the EU citizen and the de authoritinisum of the UK in exile and then return should you succeed.

Joost Kamphuis says:

They will be able to alter your posts and pics on the fly. So quickly that you dont even notice..

Andrew Paint says:

You mean the ideological scanner? It's a big secret project funded by the U.S. gov since the 80s. When everybody screams about China's "Great FireWall", Uncle Sam's busy building their own.

Chewy Pretzel says:

What's happening with Brexit are you still leaving it's taking a while.

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