Emotion recognition

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This is a demo of Genni’s basic (very basic) emotion recognition. It currently supports happiness, sadness, surprise and neutral.

Genni, short for Genetically Evolving Neural Network Intelligence, is a realtime object, face, speech and emotion tracking/recognition system


Julia Czarnecka says:

Hello, I'm amazed by your work. Could send me code on my email: juliaczarnecka0@gmail.com I'd like to understand it by reading

Damian Pietroczuk says:

Hi. Can you send me code at jakies61@gmail.com?


hi! can i ask you if you use any library machine learning for the emotions recognition?

Jihen Khalfallah says:

Nice work, I am a PhD student and I'm looking for a source code of your application if it's possible.My email is : jihen.khalfallah@gmail.com .Thank very much

Rafaela Araujo says:

can you please send me your code at rafhas2@hotmail.com thanks 🙂

Sara Sara says:

great work !! Can you please send me your code at the address sara1691362@gmail.com

Yassine Rabhi says:

can you send me your code : yassinerabhi@ymail.com

Adel CHAOUIA says:

waw great work, can you please send me your code at : chibane_kenza@hotmail.com
thank you

Airton Gaio says:

Hi. That is great!!!! Would you send me the code source ? I'm working in project emotion recognition at University of Amazon (UFAM). My email is airton.junior@ifac.edu.br. Thanks

Hugo Okada says:

Hi, that is great!!! Could you send me the code source? I'm working in a project of emotion recognition in University in Brazil (UFAM). My email is hugookadastm@gmail.com

Mohini M says:

hey! Actually I'm trying to develop an emotion based music player. And for emotion recognition I"ve done roi extraction and after that i extracted the coordinates of my interest. But what should i do with these coordinates i don't know exactly. Please help me! I dont have much time. Btw m developing it for my final year project.
Thank you in advance!

Sourabh Kumar says:

Hey eric I am trying to do the same for my university project can you help me with this. Do reply

ProgrammingTime says:

There should be one for angry

sdi29 says:

hey i have to do a somewhat similar program for my BSc could u send me your source code? thanks a lot


hey, l am a computer engineering student and l try to do same thing with matlab for thesis but l do not know opencv well so could you help me about this?

Ahmed Elkanany says:

Hello I need This app for windows can you give it to me
thanks in advance

Shih-Chang Tsai says:

Could you mail me source code?
The demo is great!

Eric says:

Currently there a few components that won't compile on linux and windows. Her routine manager makes a lot of hooks into the kernel to change her thread scheduling priority, so I'd have to rewrite that first. However the vision components are all built on cross platform libraries. PM me your email and we can talk more.

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