Email: It’s More Secure! MS Cyber Defense Operations Center, FCC Says “We Didn’t Mean That…”

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Microsoft’s opened a new Cyber Defense Operations Center, to track all the security things. The FCC says that thing about banning Open Source router operatings systems? It didn’t mean what we thought it meant. A new study says Email is more secure than in 2013. And, hey, the Internet of Things? Totally gonna be the worst security problem ever. Woot!

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Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center
FCC Not Banning Open Source Router OSs.. Yet!
Email Is More Secure…
MetroPCS Security Fail:
Docker & CoreOS Security Fail:
The Lingering Mess From Default Insecurity:

Crew members monitor radar screens in the combat information center aboard the guided missile cruiser USS VINCENNES (CG-49).
by US Navy Camera Operator: TIM MASTERSON

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Michael Mast says:

open standards ftw

devjock says:

keywords "Enterprise only"..


parham ordookhani says:

Keep up the Good job 🙂

Edward Black says:

1:35 … "Think about it: Interns actually dealing with massive security issues on a global platform. The idea of having one big place to bring the grid of information together – sounds pretty smart, actually." #LOL

kilbox 1a says:

Yay! No interlacing!

Steven Noblin says:

Thanks Patrick, Cool seeing you on HAK5.

Sky Wolf says:

Didnt feel much like a nerd today. This video brought me back home. Keep them coming Hak5

Jared M says:

You should link your patreon in your show notes.

BXTSEA says:

Stop with the annoying voice! Talk normal!

skywardabyss says:

How do Patreon registrants know that they can still safely donate to the webcast now? What have they done to fix their security?

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