Elon Musk – Artificial Intelligence, Neuralink & New Forms of Government on Mars

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Elon Musk discussed his concerns about artificial intelligence and his hope for forming a symbiosis with AI through his Neuralink company at SXSW on March 11th, 2018. Musk also spoke about the prospects for complete renewable energy production, space-based internet and the new types of government that could appear on Mars.


Scuffy McTugboat says:

I wish I was smart enough to have just one of his bad ideas. He probably had a few when he was 9.

Matthew Molina says:

Why the obsession with mars? You have yet to colonize our moon and discover its ancient ruins!

Maxine Wilkie says:

We should be listening more to Elon ‼️

Peter Lane says:

Elon Musk, such a humble man! Interesting, intelligent and overall good guy

keepitreal says:

Elon coughs crowd cheers….😌

oplix says:

AI is a nobody.

Tomm Boswell says:

Getting human brains to work together instead of compete would pave a safe path forward for humanity. Tossing out the illusion of scarcity that the selfish use to rule the stupid would go a long way too. Quit pretending you can live in the future and turn your attention to the present moment.

brindlebriar says:

Are there enough extractable fossil fuels to get the Co2 ppm to 1500, if we were to burn them ALL? If not, then, that potentiality vanishes. And in that case, his carbon-tax advocacy becomes highly disturbing.
When water vapor, a far stronger greenhouse gas than Co2, reaches some critical mass of density in an area of the atmosphere, it all falls back down to earth at once, as rain. It seems likely that there is a very similar mechanism with regard to Co2 and other gasses, though the thresholds may be higher.
I mean, we have 200,000 years of data(from Greenland ice cores) of correlation between atmospheric composition and temperature. From what I understand from other people, our computer models suggest with regard to all those ice ages and warm ages, that every one of those warming periods ought to have resulted in run-away warming, leaving a scorched mars-like earth. The models do not predict the sudden reversals that did, in fact, always happen.
So there IS some in-built stabilization mechanism that we are not taking into account. The refusal to admit that, on the part of climate scientists and high level influencers, I find troubling.
There have been periods of intense volcanic activity that far, far exceed anything we can put into the atmosphere, yet the earth's atmosphere always self-corrects. We even know one of the mechanisms. Plants breathe carbon, and as carbon levels rise, plants grow much faster and bigger, and suck more carbon back out of the atmosphere, depositing it, when they die, back in the ground. The same probably goes for ocean algae.

Lambo Rambo says:

So Elon is the new Al Gore; pushing the idea of charging people to pollute rather than stopping it from happening. That plan will result in the government becoming even bigger and the world dying as quickly as they can sell the carbon credits (for whatever fucking price they want). Dumb idea Elon.

HR HufnStuf says:

https://agi-conf.org/2008/artilectwar.pdf Prof. Dr. Hugo de GARIS has covered the topic of super intelligent AI and the possibly of war. His view is that it won't be between man and machine but those that embrace our new AI Overlords and those that don't. Interesting and scary.

John Mills says:

I worked on nuclear weapons systems for the USAF and AI scares me much more than the nukes I worked on ever did.

patrick barney says:

cough cough

William Wood says:

Toss out whomever is coughing endlessly… F_CK!!!

MASTR Jon says:

Sound engineer needs to master de-essing

P OW says:

“Indeed, in their case the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled that says: "'"You will indeed hear but never understand, and you will indeed see but never perceive."”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭13:14‬ ‭ESV‬‬

quelorepario says:

Musk's voice synthesizer is failing, they need to debug that for Musk 2.0

chromosome24 says:

In my opinion, they should just get rid of the arm chairs and instead use chaise lounges. I mean, given the rate of slouch i think its inevitable at this point.

Tinker Cooper says:

Seems to me
Musk has already did something to himself.
Could this be his reason for being
scared about
A.I's furture.
But not scared enough
to STOP !! 0r tell us
the truth on why.
Isn't this one of his
companies moving
in A.I. 's direction.
So I'm not
Convinced he cares,
or would Stop..
I also don't believe
this guy is as smart
as some seen to believe he is.
here in the comment section.

Scott Shapiro says:


pow hana says:

Sounds like he's speaking to a tuberculosis clinic

Chris Blizzard says:

NWO . You dog

Bohn Jarker says:

"They didnt find themselves by there intelligence"

fusionaut23 says:

This guy is so full of shit it is coming out of his ears. Also he can choke on his Neuralink and I wouldn't miss him one bit.

Joshua A says:

Putting a price on carbon doesn't do anything as Canada is proving. Countries who produce carbon on a large scale (China, India, Russia, USA) are the one who needs to be making changes. Charging poor people just to live is stealing.

Mike D says:

He has also warned about Google and I believe he isn't giving us warnings just so he can make headlines or benefit himself in some way. We would be smart to be cautious with both AI and Google. I don't trust Google. If they push into gaming I will play wherever they're not. If there was another site like YouTube I wouldn't be here on YouTube and I stopped using Google search this year.

Live your life to the fullest says:

AI is double edge sword, only difference is there’s a less than 1% probability that one of the edge could not be sharp enough so could be less damaging and more helpful to human race, no matter what we think, we r willingly or unwillingly goin down this road, only thing we can do is learn as much as you can, gain as much knowledge about how AI works

derbeder says:

türk var mı?

Toby W says:

Great observations on excess laws. Deregulation is better than tax cuts and it cuts the cost of doing business, profit or no.
IMHO, everyone should start holding any source of political office at an early age. We do not have enough sense of civic responsibility. Politics should not be a career choice, but everyone should be prepared to do what they are able.

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