Dr Milo Jones, ekspert Instytutu Bezpieczeństwa i Strategii

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Wykład “Kluczowe czynniki strategicznej niepewności w Polsce: co je powoduje, jakie rodzą skutki?” wygłoszony 6 marca w Świetlicy Wolności w Warszawie


Daily Truth says:

Milo Jones do you prep with Truvada before going to the back room at The Hoist in London?

Jarek Kowalski says:

According to my secret sources he likes to lie, but i can't confirm it due to the fact, i don't know that guy

Raf S says:

I’d rather watch water getting flushed down the toilet

Ash Moncu says:

Milo Jones is a fraud. He was forced to change his biographical information many times. Why was he forced out of the USMC ? Do the research people. Milo Jones is a bogus liar. Time for Milo Jones to stop lying and get a job

Konwalia Che says:

Milo Jones borders on the obscene, in terms of how he treats people. There's a lot more to him than meets the eye. Lives a double life.

Jaime Ceaser says:

Milo jones is a joke and a fraud, I will never use Dr as a title when I refer to him, what an embarrassment to the human race 🖓🖓

Alan P Nicholoplus says:

Milo Jones is a rather shady character He is a caricature of a man he makes it up as he goes along get a job Milo you are an embarrassment

Daily Truth says:

Milo H Jones is a fraud. Do a background check on him. How many times has he been forced to change his background story. Why was he forced out of the USMC? He is no expert. He was humiliated at the euromoney conference in Doha Qatar in December of 2015. He is a fraud. Time for Milo Jones to grow up stop lying and get a job

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