Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if Machines Become Conscious?

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What shall we do once machines become conscious? Do we need to grant them rights?

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Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if machines become conscious?


Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

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PurpleLuke says:

well maybe a smarter approach is to not make the robots conscious?

Matcha says:

I really don't think robots becoming sentient is as likely as people think it is. Robots are typically designed for a purpose, with little to no added features that do not involve that purpose. Even if they made an advanced, cute looking roomba and gave it the ability to reply to voice commands like Google assistant or Alexa, it still would not have feelings. Even if they programmed it to great you when you came home and say "I love you" it would still just be programming. Honestly at the rate of technology growth is this field (super slow) I'll be shocked if they can make a robot that can even closely copy a dog or cat in looks and behavior (ie; you wouldn't be able to easily tell it was a robot by looking at it/interacting with it) in the next 70 or so years, let alone something that can pass as human without falling into uncanny valley.
Robots are just their programming, and anyone who makes advanced robots without the 3 laws of robotics ingrained is an idiot. It's a fun idea for Sci-fi, but not something that is likely to happen in reality any time in the next 1000 or so years.

Born Stunna says:

Robots will NEVER gain consciousness or emotions,but I'll tell u what they have.They have the ability to fake it expertly and convincingly becaause life is not only a natural but a supernatural entity.

HungerCake says:

ai systems will never demand rights no matter how complex they are, simply because they are independent from feelings
(unless someone designed an ai system with feelings just for fun, or created a copy of the humans brain)

Kaleo Rosa-Clark says:

Kill them with fire

MEME BOI says:

That's some Detroit become human shit

Ahmed Alibaba says:

What is my purpose?
You pass butter

Della Chagas says:

We cannot re create life. The robots were created to ease the life of the worker.

Demian Pryima says:

3:27 those robots look like Zenyatta from overwatch

Edward Lemay says:

That overwatch reference! 😂

Daniel Martínez says:

Machines are not meant to be sentient, i dont believe humanity should keep experementing with something as impredictable as this

Crystal says:

Who did the cantonese subtitles? Fantastic!😍 肯肯定係香港人黎 加油!

ItzYaBoiGladz. says:

We simply code Robots, when they do work its brings them happiness.

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