Demonstrations of DARPA’s Ground X-Vehicle Technologies

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DARPA’s Ground X-Vehicle Technologies (GXV-T) program aims to improve mobility, survivability, safety, and effectiveness of future combat vehicles without piling on armor. The demonstrations featured here show progress on technologies for traveling quickly over varied terrain and improving situational awareness and ease of operation.

These demonstrations feature technologies developed for DARPA by:

1) Carnegie Mellon University, National Robotics Engineering Center
2) Honeywell International
3) Pratt & Miller
4) QinetiQ
5) Raytheon BBN Technologies

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wreck'em tech says:

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"Other country": gives the u.s an ugly look and walks away…

AMCFogell says:

What about the cost to repair those motor power wheels? More then the average cost for 4 new rims and wheels on the old trucks they had…mhmm seems right, gets Military approval.

Jo Ko says:

2:54 loved that one for my car

Felipe Reis says:

China is beaten you

Zach Brown says:

ok boys where are our ground x-vehicle memes

Jake Kaim says:


TheOtherWhiteBread0 says:

Waste of money.

Nipun Shrestha says:

1:36 me with my music full on

zidan nabil says:

Sooo they made 3rd person view ?

Technology & Spaces Pritesh rai says:

Can I use your this clip in my channel

ICE says:

you guys made weird things again, DARPA.

Mussels says:

guess what Israel will steal this technology and then sell it to China and other countries while we lose our hard invested money in R&D and national security. Stand up to that disgusting place called Israel.

Budget Friendly RC says:

One small impact on that transforming wheel and it's fucked up

eko ari says:

It is all about money ??????

momen sa3 says:

Us army tecs looks like from the 80°. If u just can see what some country doing u will get back to the draw board

MrToxic says:

2:52 That looks like the vehicles from Westworld.

kirknay says:

I want those wheels on my unit's Humvees. Heck, I want those wheels on my POV.

Семен Петрович says:

нихера не понятно, но выглядит круто

Vinn says:

The first military branch to incorporate electric vehicles will have such an edge over the competition

Verga Tusuave says:

Metal gear?

Dan Odden says:

I just want a car with suspension like that last vehicle.

Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson says:

I would like to see the vehicles and tire/treads work in glacial conditions where terrain is unpredictable. If a single "scout" type vehicle could quickly and accurately locate persons in distress and then call in for appropriate help depending on the situation.

Иван Федорович says:

2:35 I've got boner

jose ramirez says:

year 2018……I want my flying car,now……………………..It was supposed to happen by year 2000…………Why all this delay???…..And they keep on selling us arcaic tecnology!!!

Adam White says:

truly groundbreaking

Timotej Miklošič says:

To get the oil faster

blacknester says:

So that is where the education money in USA is going to XD

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