Deepmind artificial intelligence @ FDOT14

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/!\ Smartphone bad audio quality
Deepmind technology wrecking old Atari games, presented by neuroscientist and game developper Demis Hassabis, Deepmind CEO.
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Event held @ First Day of Tomorrow #1, april 2014, Paris


Matthew LaMacchia says:

Life is not a game you shouldn't play with the mind of people….It's not right Exspecially if you ask people who love people they might help anyways…

Jeremy says:

This is the worst video ever made.

MyRandomboy says:

i give humanity max another 150 years before the robots cause our extinction

FBI says:

I think my left ear is failing

Tuyok2 Benogie says:

big use in military!

Akshay Aradhya says:

Where can I see the full Talk

The PineApple says:

Can't wait till they teach it how to play startcraft of counter strike, then we can battle it ourselves

Stephen Dickens says:

Ive noticed the same thing in my program i call webo, after you talk a bit with it, it seems to start understanding more. I should have made a long video demonstrating it, but I did not. I did make a quick video that also gives the link if anyone wants to chat with webo, as I have it online now.

Ferhazsz says:

We are going to see E-Sports with AI Machines. Future is near.

FreeMan says:

Humans in the future will not be able to come close to AI, the only way for humans to stay relevant is to become them/it.

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