DARPA – Atlas Robot That Is Fully Functional Unveiled [1080p]

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Viking Drummer says:

Super cool and I love that music. Keep pushing forward techie guys.

Tharu says:

So creepy! Because of the movie industry I can only see a future in which the humans are enslaved by robots.

Ivan DCG says:

terminator cousin

Streets, blocks, experimental music says:

The Grid's "Swamp Thing" video getting closer to reality.

ethicalbro says:

Terminator is almost here!

KlingonCaptain says:

Yes, but when is it going to run without being plugged in?

G SAU says:

Boston Dynamics is Cyberdyne Systems

d3tach3d says:

an engineers wet dream

Hannah Avery says:

Unclevertitle- its funny how you didn't realize what Darpa is and who's funding it. The U.S.A doesn't build this stuff to deliver food to starving Somalians

Revtune says:

Hector from Saturn 3, just what I was thinking.

Javier Negron Lopez says:

I am redy for this my 870 12G is in my home with extra ammunition and a 45. pistol "bring it now"

lunhil12 says:

If I send him to the 7-11 for a pack of butts will he have to take my ID with him?

John Grimes says:

Give me just a portion of their budget and my Juggernaut Series Giant Killer Robots would become a reality. Check out my Prototype GKR-001.

Unclevertitle says:

It's amusing how people see a bipedal robot that can manage to not fall over or trip while walking and then somehow assume massive killer robot armies are just a stone's throw away.

It's at LEAST two.  Maybe even three.

All joking aside, this thing is super cool.  Robots are awesome.

Banthablaster Prime says:

Then again, as long as there is a fair ownership of these things, everyone having one, then we would be ok.

Banthablaster Prime says:

We have the right top carry (bear) arms. why should we be prohibited from having high caliber guns with these things running around? 

GSN News says:

Who has the direction to Kamino.

arronlee33 says:

You need to think further. 😉

TheShadowSlaya says:

actually it's not a infantry soldier, yet, what it is used for is mimicking and manipulating human like features, just like petman the prototype of this was used to test clothing and performance of military things like hazmat suits, what Atlas is probably going to be used for is moving heavy things for soldiers since it has 4 hands and is made from titanium alloy and other strong metal

ultrasteve00 says:

Freedom soldiers…

Nomoreidsleft says:

Humanoid is fine, but I don't like it when they try to make a robot look just like a human, and mimic human features.
A giant spider for rescue, would like a nightmare Hollywood B movie, I just don't think so.

olternaut says:

More like 3 seconds.

Tom Johnson says:

Cylon Centurian to Colonial Warrior prisoner, "Where is the Galactica?!" lol. but yes, all kidding aside, pretty serious issue here. Cyborgs, robots, transgenics..its all heading somewhere bad.

CornerTalker says:

The future of riot control.

Ian Freeman says:

If the army doesn't start building prototype Gundam mechs within the next 30 years I will be extremely fucking disappointed. -.-

Crurned says:

Shit just got real. That sucker carrying a minigun on each arm and half of an urban warfare battle would be over in a matter of minutes.

violeman says:

& also … The Elites would just love too have a Human like body that has more strength & ability, to upload their minds too or Brain …
They are already playing around with DNA to stop aging ..

Daniel Stoddart says:

It's only a matter of time until one of these things kills a person.

DeksZagreb says:

This is great achievement, such a robot would be great help in demining or rescue missions in similar dangerous areas. Those who fear robots might become soldiers do not have to worry because the best soldier's weapon is intelligence and the sneakyness how to submit enemies with minimal effort: a machine cannot posses such quality and it is unlikely that it could be thought how to lead a war in the near future. Terminator is just science fiction, the real terminators are made of flesh and blood.

Potta Coola says:

petman was better

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