Dancing Sony Robots

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Awesome Sony robots in Japan! They move really smoothly and quickly for machines. I’m impressed.


Loris Thierry Hütter says:

i like how very expensive top tech robots were filmed with a hyper potatoe

Sukhvir Guide 2 says:

Wow technology has been really advance even since before

Dummo says:

14 years ago!! Holy shit, 2006 I was only in grade 1 🤣 I'm turning 21 soon

Gor Avetisyan says:

2020 🦠 🤔

Jazzy S says:

I love this

WAFFLES Wuh!!! says:

This was made in 2006……

The Black Hundreds says:

I remember being obsessed with this robot as a child. I wanted one so bad. Too bad they never finished these

Tiến Đạt Vũ says:

2019 anyone?

Marcel ten Hoope says:

I Like you..

Brooke Owens says:

Imagine them dabbing

Miguel Sanchez says:

Still got the moves!

zalgo -toth says:

and so honda claims that asimo is the most advanced. sony would've beaten that bot, 10 years ahead if they kept on making qrio and ditched the playstation.

Paul Thrussell says:

After ten years, I've still got that music from ~ 2:30 stuck in my head. What is it?!

Kevin Chase says:

Does anyone know what the music is in this clip?

GaryKildall says:

Freaky little terminators ☺

ArmoredAnubis says:

This was over 9 years ago, I wonder what sony could have accomplished with humanoid robotics if they stuck with them.

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