CyberPatriot XI (2018-2019)

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CyberPatriot — The Air Force Association’s National Youth Cyber Education Program, featuring the nation’s largest cyber defense competition.

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KingCentauri says:

Man they did everything to not piss off feminists dam

Jacob Downs says:

Can't wait for the finals!!!! April 8-10!!! This gonna be great!

Ailuropoda Melanoleuca says:

"Fastest growing" hey I just started a new cyber program and my friend said he'd join so that's a 100% increase in competition field

Big Chungus says:

The make it seem like some ultimate hacker shit but but all you do is deal with FTP and updating firefox lol.

Dave White says:

man they really made it look more professional than what we actually act like lol

Ardy says:

LMAO 1st place winners only get a $2000 scholarship, that’s practically nothing compared to the cost of college yet they act like it’s such a big deal

Buying Crew says:

"Register now" is three months after registration deadline good job AFA

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