Cyber Self-Defense | Paul Carugati | TEDxSpokane

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Stop Clicking! Paul Carugati will provide insights about the current “threat landscape” on the internet and how to stay safe in a dynamic environment.

Paul is a seasoned IT and Information Security leader with over 15 years experience in a Fortune 300 enterprise atmosphere. His vision of innovative, next-generation technology is focused on enabling business operations and growth based on risk management, threat intelligence, and broad security awareness. He is an in-demand speaker who holds many accreditations and industry certifications showcasing his technical and business prowess.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Kevin Nicholson says:

Paul is an amazing speaker. Great job sir!

Vincent Plooijakker says:

12:50 second girl from the left has a face that tells me she is gonna change all her passwords the second she comes home.

Vlad Tepes says:

skipping to the next comment/content?

Alexandria Otimex-Cortez says:

Paul says a tool isn't the answer. Paul says the users need to think. Paul has never met the users.

Jack Daniels says:

Some food defence could help too

Alex Szatmary says:

Computer with real sensitive and important data, should not be connected to the Net… (golden rule)

Samuel Jackson says:

damn this is out of date.

Randhir Kumar says:

Super talk – really informative!

A A says:

Great talk. And thanks for not bringing up the Nigerian Prince phishing scam unlike a lot of speakers I listen to. I hate when people go straight to that forgetting that there are other phishing scams out there and forgetting anyone can send a Nigerian Prince email from anywhere in the world. Of course, I'm being defensive but it never really passes across the message besides, "oh, avoid Nigerians".

Lfomod says:

The view count of this video compared to other talks on Ted just shows that we are in big trouble. hahaha 😀

Daeman Stewart says:

Good stuff Paul!

Matthew Trevor Hutchings says:

um werewolves are weak against silver bullets. Not vampires.

Deidre Kolbus Phillipson says:

Nice work Paul!

Hunter Elofson says:

Good talk, but you really should've used this for your "Defense in Depth" slide:

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