Computer evolves to generate baroque music!

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I put the word “evolve” in there because you guys like “evolution” videos, but this computer is actually learning with gradient descent!

All music in this video is either by Bach, Mozart, or Computery.

GizmoDude8128 wins a prize for figuring out that 100101 in base 2 is 37 in base 10 the fastest! (Question inspired by fixylol)

Andrej Karpathy’s blog post on RNNs:


VArsovski10 says:

One question: How do you measure Loss Rate per note?, I'd assume that's one of the success criteria, but in general = what is loss rate?

alanboro says:

by 22 minutes you can already notice the difference, it's incredible

Rayan Fernandes says:

Dude did u even add the constraints such as a fixed scale , chords during the training for a single midi piece?? … it will be mess otherwise

Icey says:


Unhistorical History says:

Bach to the drawing board, I guess.

R. Persson says:

Around the 6 hour mark I'd say it was at least good enough that if I heard that out of context, I'd probably just think it was being played by a really amateur musician

the nova man says:

full version of 12:35, please.

Mikey Lewis says:

Ye time to become sky net -computer

Dinosnore 42 says:

Wow! That gets really good!

Dumbin theHouse says:

The quick brown dog jumps over the lazy fox. But this fox isn’t so lazy. The dog gets eaten.

Evanniel Ferolino says:



WTF how bizarre says:

Teach your computer to play
Vince Clark. He made Just Can't Get It Enough by Depeche Mode then left
the band after the first album. He didn't like the direction Depeche Mode was going.
Then Vince Clark was in Yazoo UK/ Yaz US(there was a copyright issue with the name.), then The Assembly with Sharkey Fergal and then teamed up with Paul Quinn before starting Erasure. Erasure is famous for classics like Oh L'amour, A Little Respect, When i Needed You, Always (think Robot Unicorn Attack!), Take Me Back (love) Agnesfashionart's taste in art.),
Blue Savannah and Chorus. As well as Reason and Be the One.
They're still going strong!
Train it for two days.
Now you playing synthesizer ear candy. WOW! yum!

anyeos says:

There are things that an IA cannot do, specially put creative sense over own creations. Because the IA need more complexity. Like having a body, suffering pain, some meaning of feeling things and so.

Xenon says:

Why at 5:30 i can hear pokemon music?

AJ Styles says:

The way English speaking people pronounce "Bach" or any German word with "ch" hurts my head.

The Slimy Crew says:

how did he make the chords hold?

The Slimy Crew says:

yo cary
can you link the programs you used to format and reformat the text in the desc.?

Resatozz says:

5:02 add some bends and enjoy yor 80's guitar solo

Maximiliano Díaz says:

Mozart died for our syncs

Marker From BFB says:

How did you get sn alive computer?

Y. Benjamín Ramírez Estrada says:

This is a bit scaring. Imagine in the future, original music produced like this, if it reach to sound good (wich i don't doubt in a future), it will make human creativity pointless.

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