China's rise in artificial intelligence | CNBC Reports

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China’s vast amount of data is helping advance its artificial intelligence research. CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi speaks to experts VC Kai-Fu Lee, author Thomas Friedman and VC Benjamin Harburg on China’s ambitions.


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Misleading thumbnail

Cuong Nguyen says:

Attention, everyone! Chinese team of real people called "50 Cent Army" or "wumao"(half a yuan) have appeared on YOUTUBE, TWITTER and other

global social media. Their speech and behaviour are: a lot of commentary, a lot of likes, try to confuse the public, confusing the concept,

ignoring the other part of the truth, belittling other countries, praising China, and trying to influence public oppinion and people's

thinking, some of them hide Chinese identity, take an english name, use English, speak and act like from English-speaking country. Please

boycott and report these comments to make the global internet normal. Please inform others and let people know what Chinese do.

Swan Htet says:

Meanwhile in US they are focusing on how to be more 'politically correct'.

Wally Wally says:

What's funny all about this China are thieves, with out American technology China will be cave man today.

Stuart Little says:

If you make it easier for the state to collect data on its citizens, it comes at the cost of individual freedom. That is the way the world is heading though.

Oboy Phan says:

Thats MEAN U have responsibilti…4 OTHERS PEOPLE AROUND U…U fuuuuukeeeer

Oboy Phan says:

ONLY THINK Yellowstars ZONE 🌏 INTEL FLAGS ⭐…have is U ID

Oboy Phan says:

U DONT KNOW??? Every day they chance kode 📟

Oboy Phan says:

Less PRIVACY… more easier control


I will vote for you China I m coming for Artificial intelligence

JK dutta says:

America's technology is built by Chinese and Indians..

Andy Lin says:

a great analogy to the immigration issue the last guy said is…. adopt 1,000 cats that you may not be able to afford to raise in hope that maybe 1 of the cats will become an Instagram star and make you a lot of money. you see how stupid that sounds??

kuazexin says:

Wrong the country most advance in Ai is still Murica, in murica milenials can get degrees on gender studies or any other social studies for that matter, now thats artificial intelligence

Brian Perkins says:

so china has a president who is actually investing in artificial intelligence and we have trump that is doing nothing but banning huawei.

Wayne Tai says:

In the age of AI , data is the new oil, so China is the new Saudi Arabia.


Grate asia dote forgte jesuese is lorde


Nazis in china too. I don't think Germany lost WWII. It was a deception, after all the US did take in the German Nazi Scientists and they worked for the US Government. Isn't that correct America? This up surd predictive software will be coming to each state in America immediately. America be aware of tyranny. Its in Vancouver B.C. Canada in 2017. The Lord rebuke you Rothschild Amen! Of course ultimately Rothschild is behind this Nazism.

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