Books on Alexander the Great, Science, Law and Psychedelics

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Alexander the Great
The Nature of Reality
Doors of Perception

How We Learn
Made in America
Law 101

TED talks:
How I Defend the Rule of Law – Kimberley Motley
The Law of 33% - Tai Lopez
What happens when our computers get smarter then we are? – Nick Bostrom
Epigenetics & Personal Health – Matt Rieman


omar essam says:

thank you for the review on the book. However, i am on a re-search to find a book that talks about how can psychedelics (mushrooms spieceally) can be used for spiritual purposes, i am not very intreseted in reading a book about someones experince with psychedelics but rather a book about wisdom and spirituality in the use of psychedelics, do you happen to know any good books about it ?

Back To Eden says:

I'm currently reading 'On The Road' Jack Kerouac, its a really good read

Steve's Kitchen says:

Very Interesting thoughts Michael, I haven't watched a TED talk in a while, or read a book for that matter, it's time I rediscovered some of those charming past times.  All the best and I did stick with you to the end. Michele and I spend a lot of time together so I will need to work on the 33% idea ;o). I might be a little frustrating to know know some one like Tai Lopez and think?  I wonder if I'm his idiot LOL. Happy wondering.


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