Bill Clinton Impeached – Dwave rep talks about the Mandela Effect

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Do you remember Bill Clinton being impeached? I didn't.
Turns out he was impeached but allowed to remain in office.

Remember the Dwave clip explaining parallel universes and quantum mechanics that was played in many Mandela effect videos to explain dwave as the cause? Geordie Rose was the man in that clip, see what he says about the Mandela effect.

This Day In History: Bill Clinton Was Impeached

Geordie Rose of Kindred AI presents Super-intelligent Aliens Are Coming to Earth

Geordie Rose - Quantum Computing: Artificial Intelligence Is Here


friendinspirit says:

He absolutely was impeached. He was not however prosecuted, thus finished out his term.
Having been impeached he has forever lost rights to hold any public office in the United States of America. Because he was not prosecuted/convicted for his crimes he was also still able to receive ALL his lifetime pension benefits. As a former President he also has secret service protections for life, a Presidential Library, a bunker, etc. all at the US Taxpayers expense.
When Nixon was Impeached he feared he would be prosecuted so chose to resign in order to hang onto his lifetime of pension benefits.

brad peterson says:

I think he gave his opinion on what the ME is when he called it a Gigantic Conspiracy!

Max Rider says:

This never happened! They tried an never succeed. I remember this

Steven Fortier says:

I just recently heard of him being impeached and found this video. I remember all the drama about Monica Lewinsky but don't remember the impeachment.

Good Guy says:

I don't remember him getting impeached no way that's not how i remember this is sad Mandela effect is real as can be

Shakeilia Simmons says:

He was impeached.

Gerhard Van der Westhuizen says:

Clinton was impeached, but was acquitted by the Senate. Both charges against him were defeated. 67 votes against were required to remove Clinton from office, but there were only 50 votes against him on the obstruction of justice charge and 45 on the perjury charge, so the impeachment did not result in his removal from office.

Cornerstanding says:

I would definitely right it off as a Mandella Effect If it honestly to god never happened in your life experience cause yeah he was most definitely impeached!!!!!!!! It had been on every channel every day for all of 1998. Come on!!!!!!! Every comedian every magazine every news channel every institute of learning discussed it around the clock. Everyone one at school talked about it everyone at home talked about it. Every radio station talked about it. Every form of media that existed talked about it. The internet as new as it was for a lot of people talked about it. How could you get away from a fact like that.

rRockRain says:

Bill Clinton was never impeached

MoneyBags73 says:

You need to put your videos on steemit under the (mandelaeffect) tag. I have been trying to create that tag but there are not enough videos over there about it. Are you on DTube yet? I really like the platform over there for us creators and for the people commenting on our videos. Everyone can get paid for their time to help them with their bills.

Metal Rabbit says:

I think he was impeached by House only, not by both House and Senate, so he got to stay in office. I remember I had huh?-how's-that-work? reaction to something about the news. Maybe it was about him losing law license but not presidency.
I remember seeing some crazy sh*t reported on the news in the 1990's, and by the time it got around to BIll Clinton scandal, was just another didn't-make-a-whole-lot-of-sense but nonetheless normalized news report. I heard people say a lot of stupid sh*t they believe. How much reacting to all that can you do?
Fact that you can find better info and share comments on line is very different than being one person experiencing cognitive dissonance. The Arab Spring, Occupy energy that came in 2011 also helped change things.

Galactic Human says:

Impeached in the House, then prosecuted in the Senate. The Senate did not remove him. That is reality the way I remember it.

Metal Rabbit says:

When these scandals become public, when people come up with ideas about what is causing the Mandela Effect, I tend to be more interested in what it brings to the surface about our belief systems and social programming. I remember someone dreamed about severe austerity conditions in this country during this scandal.

Jessica Thompson says:

You don't recall Monica Lewinsky and the semen on her dress? Proof he..ummm.. let it go all over her dress when she gave him some…oral happiness 😐.. Impeached because he lied to Congress about it. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" … (so made a national joke about oral sex not being sex). Anyway, I remember that vividly. Had an impeachment hearing but was ultimately cleared to go back to ruining I mean running the country. It was an enormous story and ran for months as the trial progressed. Love ya brother. I know you would remember if it was in your world at the time, so Mandela for sure

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