Augmented Reality Examples – Hololens 2 Gets A.I. Level Up

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Microsoft’s augmented reality headset Hololens 2 just got an artificial intelligence upgrade. It’s another example of how Artificial Intelligence will affect your life, and a real world example of Augmented Reality.

The latest innovation, is a collaboration between the hololens 2 augmented reality headset, and Microsoft’s neural text-to-speech artificial intelligence, the result was a hololens 2 demo hologram that could not only create a lifelike version of a speaker, but also gives it the ability to translate the speakers voice to any language, complete vocal tonality. #HowArtificialIntelligenceWillAffectYourLife #MicrosoftHololens2 #AugmentedRealityExamples


Anthony Jacix says:

Is Microsoft Hololens or Magic Leap the best augmented reality headset? And, Why?

Subramanya M says:

Coincidence in future AR technology is becoming more like a rollercoaster ride. I think its same for Microsoft 😀

tdreamgmail says:

Combine with deepfakes …. profit!

James Bryan says:

Nice outro! 🙂

Stephen says:

Good video bro. Informative, too the point, just right. I subscribed to your channel I forsee quality content on this channel! Keep up the good work

Kara Kelly says:


Next stop…time travel!


Nikhilesh R says:

Awesome tech.

Orwell Huxley says:

This is just, just so scary to me. Not because of what it can do. It will reshape reality. Our kids have this to look forward to.

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