Augmented Reality + Artificial Intelligence

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augmented reality demo in Virtools
In this demo, each marker has a label with the number id (1,2,3,4), the character runs through all the bases (like baseball game)in numeric order, even if the markers are moved in real-time.
Theres two types of obstacles, one he can jump over , other he can’t, that he can recognize in real-time.

Não consigo passar – I can’t pass through! (english)


shivesh jadon says:

great work there !

Tito NG says:

how to implement ai on augmented reality ?

joedajoester says:

Can i please have this download and the markers download too.thanks and great video!

gavsmith1980 says:

This is the future, in 20-30 yrs our kids and grandkids will wonder how we managed without augmented reality, the possibilties are endless in business, leisure, navigation, gaming and interaction with our world in general.

anechini says:

Bom trabalho! Ainda esta pesquisando na area? O que anda pesquisando atualmente?

cerealz says:

thank you Onkarr =)

cerealz says:

Porque é preguiçoso e tem medo de se perder… 😉

Osvaldo Pires says:

Hello Mr. Cerealz,

isto está muita giro mas agente não percebe porque é que ele não dá a volta à parede em vez de dizer que não consegue passar.

Quando é que vamos ao Samurai mostrar estes vídeos às chinocas?


cerealz says:

thanks =)
if u need any help.. don't hesitate to ask

cerealz says:

well…virtools isn't free..=(
theres some versions of Artoolkit on web for free..try to google artoolkit…

is its hardwork?? well… for this kinda demo.. a bit.. because u need to program it … IA..
but if u want just to assign some 3d model to pattern on a paper.. u can do it with artoolkit easy 😉

cerealz says:

hi!! i'm glad you liked it ^_^
i used Artoolkit Plus plugin for a software called Virtools…
so.. the plugin recognizes the patterns and returns the position and orientation of the pattern to Virtools..
and then all the programming was made inside Virtools..
you know any of these software??
Kirby flying?? hmmm.. maybe i can make that one day yes 😉

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