Artificial Intelligence vs humans | Jim Hendler | TEDxBaltimore

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Artificial Intelligence vs Humans – Jim disagrees with Stephen Hawking about the role Artificial Intelligence will play in our lives.

Jim is an artificial intelligence researcher at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and one of the originators of the Semantic Web.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


End Times says:

This dude is telling you the truth.

End Times says:

A generation of zombies.

End Times says:

Are phones lol.

End Times says:

Wake up we are slaves.

End Times says:

Computers know more about us than we do. We have taught them our strengths and are weaknesses. And we continue to do so. Computers learn . We teach.

End Times says:

It already took over. We need to find our way back.

rohan verma says:

Stephen talked about 'fully developed A.I' , not about the A.I with limitations we make for our convenience for specific purpose.

Nautilus1972 says:

Hawking was one of the most respected scientists in the world? Not by actual scientists he wasn't. He grandstanded at physics get-togethers … trundled in .. .made grandiose unfounded and wild statements, then disappeared just as quickly without any grounds or proof to support his ideas.

Shishir Gupta says:

Just get this rubbish talk DISLIKED by 205 people. Period. (is this guy in academia? Like really? read comments by others to counter him with common sense)

Duggy Dugg says:

I won't be 'alive' without the ability to feel pain /pleasure..
so 'attitudes' by a computer would only be programmed responses..

i.e. ' desires' leading to benign or malign actions would only be those of a programmer…sure , a sophisticated compuler might select from a list of possible autocorrect for instance….but the computer has no concern about the appropriateness of the action…

Blue Rocker says:

A few logical scenarios: 1. Problem: Climate change Answer: Less people! Solution: Terminate . 2. Problem: Cancer Answer: Computers determine that cancer is a genetic necessity! Solution: Terminate patients with cancer. 3. Problem: People with IQ's 85 and under are non-productive. Answer: Thru genetic engineering improve individual human IQ . Solution: Until the technology is ready and available terminate all non-productive humans with IQ's 85 and below. Problem: Global warming. Answer: Computers determine that humans are a virus! Solution: Terminate the virus! The list goes on and on!

Blue Rocker says:

Wow! This is just the kind of forward thinking that's sure to get a lot of people killed!

Darion Hollard says:

This is just an AI trying to justify AIs.

Robert Fahey says:

His HAL example negates his own theory. Everything was going great until, suddenly, subtly and without any drama, HAL was wearing the pants.

Rogue Ghost says:

What a waste of time

Friendly Fire says:

We can store every computer thing on our DNA.

Samuel Luria says:

Not at all a fan of Hawking, but if A.I. doesn't scare you, you don't fully grasp it.

Loy says:

What about when we have artificial intelegent viruses

Chodex says:

We control artificial intelligence.
Lmao that explains everything

KURT says:

Hawking is right.

Alen Mikic says:

BS talk! Attacks Howking and then talks about completely different timeframe!

Monge LaLoe says:

After reviewing Youtube videos from 201x, AI find this man useful

Dutch Flats says:

Didn't address any of Hawking's, Elon Musk's, or Bill Gates' concerns regarding AI. I think there is a real danger when scientists and inventors fall too much in love with their creations. Although they ask the question, can we?, they don't seem to ever ask the question, should we? Sort of reminds me of the story of Frankenstein.

Nelson Salazar says:

This man does not get what deep learning and general AI are.

Sachin Shiva says:

This should not be about weather fully right or wrong! Rather It's about who's right in near to medium future and who right in the distant or eventual if inevitable future, since the two time horizons have vastly different conceivable possibilities!

sparhopper says:

If it takes longer for Humans to even decipher the code that computers may be able to write to evolve themselves, that seems to be the definition of our being in less control.

Forest Pepper says:

Evidence in support of Stephen Hawking's opinion is everywhere. We have already lost control of the Internet, as it exists today. There are hundreds of thousands of computer viruses infecting computers all over the world, doing things we don't like. If some criminals get artificial intelligence involved in creating new computer viruses, God only knows where that will lead. Viruses designed by AI will be vastly more difficult for us to comprehend and fight than the man-made computer viruses that we are already fighting. If some form of Artificial Intelligence manages to implant itself in the global Internet, i.e. "the Cloud", we would practically have to shut down the entire Internet to be sure that we had really killed that particular AI. AI can do a lot of good things, but Hawking is right when he warns of the potential bad consequences of AI.

Rohan DSouza says:

Starting with a statement of disagreeing with Hawking might certainly give him more attention but then that same attention also puts his completely irrelevant and unrelated arguments in focus (not to speak about inviting wrath) 🙂

Snowman374th says:

Humans are killing humans. Poisoning the air. The ground. The water. Our minds. Our hearts. Why wouldn't it turn against mankind? It certainly wouldn't want humans to be in charge of it's environment. Or it's very valuable instruments. WE make mistakes that A.I> may not make. Knowing that is a perfect reason to destroy humans. Don't be a statistic.

Snowman374th says:

While this guy and many others may want to convince you that A.I. is very needed, you need to understand that the very people whose telling you this are funded by the hands that create them. Ever heard of the word "Oops" We can't afford that word in the future. Watch "Short Circuit" It's a movie, but certainly on point about A.I. Key words, like Input. When it knew it was going to be disassembled it went ballistic. And that's what they will do in reality as well. Do you want to die? Well neither will A.I.

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