Artificial Intelligence, Education, and Our Two Possible Futures

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5G networks, smart devices, artificial intelligence, digital citizenship — what does all this mean for education? ISTE CEO, Richard Culatta, asks educators how we’re preparing our students to thrive in a world of high-speed networks and AI. How can we redefine digital citizenship to be positive and proactive?

Help us take bold steps towards a world where we’re using technology to bring people together, to talk with people we disagree with about important issues, to use technology to serve our community and make the world around us a better place, to give a voice to the voiceless.

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Josh Kidder says:

So much false info in this video, its hilarious

Teachers On Fire says:

10:49 "Digital citizenship shouldn't be a list of DON'Ts, but a list of DOs!" 👏👏👏

Amr Mohamed says:

Wonderful 🙂

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