Artificial Intelligence and the Image of the Beast | Episode 921

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francis short jr says:

Computer processors are nothing like our brain. The brain is infinity more complicated than even the largest supercomputer

odd4sout Mapping says:

Please do not listen to this video it's more lies and disinformation about stuff that hasn't occurred.

tidechamp15 says:

This guy is WRONG!!! There is no "GAP"…….at the BEGINNING of Daniel 9:27…..there is a TIM FRAME! and it's ALL DEALING with what CHRIST WILL DO!

Rose White says:

Is Paypal run by FalseJew-Canaanites part of the 666Beast system?
I have been refused payment to Ebay by Paypal but they say if I give them my bank details they can check and let me buy and sell.
So is Paypal part of the MARK OF THE BEAST?
If I don't let Paypal have my bank detaisl – and control of my money – I cannot buy on Ebay.

Charles Mangum says:

I believe that the image of the Beast is a statue that God will allow the False to give life to a statue.  AI will never impress me.

William flamenco says:

I never heard someone so confused either he's ignorant or he's deceiving people

Lisa Cooper says:

I was recently approached by a religion of people who say god is a woman and they tried to show me scripture in the Bible on it and i refused. I felt it was crazy. After that, than I started to wondered if the anti christ would be a woman. The anti christ is supposed to be the opposite of Jesus our lord and savior. I need to pray again for Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth. Thank you for this video.

April Williams says:

Perry I have studied tediously using the inter linear all original languages. I don’t think we will ever know all the scriptures but you are helping with the end times. Thank you!

keamugetswi Mathube says:

What a powerful word

Carolyn Newhouse says:

Brother Perry, Tom Horn explains that the beast is an advanced technology with human dna. So that would not give the devil credit for demonic supernatural. I think you knew that really, your vocab just didn't go that way lol

SpeakinfavorofGod NotoNWO says:

The woman who sits on the beast with 7 heads is the Vatican Roman Catholic Church. Rome sits on 7 hills. The Vatican will help the antichrist. The antichrist comes from one of the ten horn nation. Daniel 7 and Revelation 12 and 13. The USA is the eagles wings nation plunked out of the lion nation England. USA given a heart of a man. Then you see the United States helping Israel the woman with 12 stars on her head during the Great Tribulation for 1,260 days which is the same as 42 months and 3 and a half years and same as Times Times And half a time. The United Nation who will bring forth a new world order and attack Israel are in Revelation 13 in one body and Daniel had seen them separately. USA is not in Revelation 13 because we will not help the antichrist and their Globalization system New World Order

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