Artificial Intelligence and Power with Dan Faggella

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Dan Faggella is Founder and Head of Research at Emerj and advises the UN, Interpol and global enterprises on Artificial Intelligence. He is also a former MMA coach and fighter.

In this conversation we discuss: AI, social media and filter bubble creation; monopolies and power concentration in Big Tech; weaponisation of social media and AI, and the difficulties in defining what can be classed as weaponisation; whether digital media culture is fragmenting nations; autocults; blind spots in public understanding of AI; the rapid increase in capability of AI image manipulation, and the end of the correspondence between images and reality; the pace at which different sectors will be affected by AI; user experience and interface design; the difference between customer facing and backend AI applications, and the amount of error they can tolerate; the prospects of friendship, lovers, teachers and other social relationships being replaced by virtual versions; Dan’s concepts of Lotus Eaters and World Eaters – the former numbing themselves and escaping with tech, the latter radically extending their capabilities with it.

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