Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare. Part 1 of 7

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This session took place in February 2016.

Part 1 of 7 – Speaker: Dr Maja Pantic, Professor of Affective Behavioural Computing, Imperial College London

Data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming the most talk-about topics in digital health. With vast volumes of medical data available, exploiting these techniques to derive valuable insights may both challenge and reshape certain elements of our healthcare system.

These new approaches are leading to redefining drug discovery, assisting and automating diagnoses and helping predict and prevent diseases using health record data – or even our digital footprint. Artificially intelligent algorithms will permeate both the lives of the doctor and patient.

But there remains much hype, confusion and misunderstanding in the field. What is possible and what are the limitations? How will medicine adapt and what will be the impact on patient’s health and autonomy?


Guillaume Palacios says:

terrible audio. saturates each time the speaker shouts which means every 5 sec. Can't see the pics nor the videos. sadly poor quality but interesting subject

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