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Artificial intelligence and intelligent robots already exist. But what decisions can technology make on our behalf? How far can it go? AI is still in its infancy.

Charlie is supposed to explore the Moon for us sometime. But no human lives will be at risk during his mission, because Charlie’s a machine. The simian-like robot is currently still earthbound: he can currently be seen trying somewhat helplessly to navigate a papier mâché mock-up of the lunar surface at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence in Kaiserlsautern. Professor Wolfgang Wahlster, co-founder of the institution and, until recently, its boss, believes Charlie can be of great not only in space, but also here on Earth. He says intelligent robots could carry out dangerous jobs, search for victims buried in earthquakes or seal off a radioactive nuclear power plant after a meltdown. But what are AI’s limits? Can an autonomous car decide for itself whether it run over a child in the road or swerve into groups of people on the sidewalk instead? Our professional lives will also change. AI will make many jobs obsolete too – although it will also create new ones. The renowned Professor Wolfgang Wahlster believes that it will be down to politicians and society to define ethical boundaries. Meanwhile, he himself has become more humble. Forty years of research in the field of AI has given him a huge respect for human intelligence, which he says we are still light years away from being able to reproduce.

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Common Man says:

You drive car… Look at restaurant… Car turns left… Cute girl passes by… Car turns right.

niva zero says:

13:02 this tech is embarrassing.

swae lee says:

Originallink auf deutsch? Bitte

tnt87 1998 says:

K.I.S.S. it. !!!! keep it simple stupid.

Axelay says:

Lucifers Special Weapon to eradicate Human perception in form of Digitalising of Human/Brain.
Be Aware of it,. dont follow everthing Blindly,. this is very serious agenda to deform hearts mind and soul.
Satanism,. whorshipping of Satan is Real.

JC Bonfils says:

At that speed, Charlie can't even explore a house, much less the moon.


White folks wont be satisfied till they destroy this planet…


The robots will take all of your jobs. Dont let no one tell you they cant.

Denis says:

could you add susbsttile

Charles Bennett says:

Don't progam to walk.Let it learn to walk.

Ali Mohsin says:

I m sorry and other four legged robos r much agile and intelligent..ur work is also amazing 💝

Haad Bajwa says:

Hello Charlie

David Brown says:

Charly walks like a horse. They should call him Charlie horse.

holger jørgensen says:

Intelligence can Never be artificial,
and robots is Not intelligent. (just programmed devices)

This is Real superstition, You over-do the celebration of the Living Dead,
You actually have your consciousness, but infancy is far more importent to You,
and You are obsessed with superstition, because it sounds so smart.

dark side says:

Make humans immortal please stop the death ❤

Producción En Línea says:

Is this old? Why talking like that about the car if Tesla already exists lol

Paul Rice says:

Until Charles can was my dish’s and not break them he is worthless

Jahlani Orosco-Smallwood says:

Can someone write me a 5 sentence summary for school

Michael Bailey says:

This is pretty scary

liveonthesun says:

Eva is one skeptical lady. 😀
I guess her experiences made her that way. Good for the tests tho

Ricky Smith says:

Show the other robot all the techniques of AI to fix up the other robot encase any mechanical issues if we are traveling to other stars or even are own oceans

Creative Chicc says:

anyone here for school work?

Elani Nyh says:

Scary cuz humans for the most part I wouldn't describe as intelligent….. Look around you your surrounded by idiots lol. Now some of them are granting themselves the right to create a being modeled after human "intelligence" 😮
yeah I can't wait…..


Mr. burns eats yoda alive • 69 years ago says:

The first robot looks like a cart Titian

xr28y ge3fl1 says:

some of this only matters to a point, invest in specific tools and then the product changes, and you have to invest again. There is absolutely nothing new here from 25 years ago.

Convolver says:

Dance monkey …

benuski says:

hi guys reply if you;re from IA

Xavier Beland says:

school got me in this stuff

Hongrr says:

Who else is here from school

Xavier Beland says:


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