AI Simulating Humans to Understand Itself (Joscha Bach) | AI Podcast Clips

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Joscha Bach, VP of Research at the AI Foundation, previously doing research at MIT and Harvard. Joscha work explores the workings of the human mind, intelligence, consciousness, life on Earth, and the possibly-simulated fabric of our universe.

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Kory Ogden says:

6:30 sauce

Kory Ogden says:

Lex, you should really check into higher states of consciousness like Zen, Kensho, Satori, etc… Yes meditation can be a cloak over identity and this can lead to false-awakening/enlightenment but the real shit is when you realize the mind is the illusionist and your thoughts are all constructs of the illusionist , and the REAL you exists with or without the sense of ego that identified itself with Lex

Leon Goo says:

Joscha Bach talks as if he is a guru, and all important problems like consciousness have been solved.

Tj Tahsin says:

My brain hurts.

Johann Popper says:

The adaptive value is the search for the ultimate cause or for us the deepest level of causation results in ultimate or deepest power, which results in ultimate survivability for intelligent animals. However, it's also a fact that most humans need to be well-adjusted enough to not worry about progress. Invention and innovation only come from a few by design. The rest of the human organism has to focus all of its work on food and child-rearing, etc. Philosophy and science are only done by the few for the many. That's how humanity has evolved to function as a whole. Intellectually, oligarchy is simply the fact of life. Politically, there are more efficient systems.

SO O says:

Josha is my favourite guest by far

Eternally Conscious says:

It's because you nerds spend to much time expanding your intelligence while neglecting bodily function. The human body is a fucking machine, try using it once in a while.

Jamie Quigley says:

Trap and trapped are one

555Trout says:

"oh my God, I'm caught in a monkey"
One of the funniest lines I've ever heard.

Martin Federico says:

Well then, everything is just not real, your identity is not real. Then could you give me an example where an identity would be real? because if you tell me there´s no such thing, then I´d hace to say that whatever this is we call identity is what identity is, no more no less. Just a thought

Martin Federico says:

Lex, I think you´re ready for DMT

Mark Evan says:

Because he states all this crap with great confidence, he is able to convince some of you that what he says makes sense. It doesn't. He's a nut. He has a huge ego and thinks he is here to educate the rest of us. He isn't. He knows nothing.

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