AI – PREDICATE LOGIC PART 1 – Knowledge representation

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This simple video covers the very basics of predicate logic ( first order logic) used in knowledge representation . It starts with operators and covers examples later.


Zeno says:

Love the positivity throughout the video

madhur thapliyal says:

Very well explained….Thanku

Monii 22 says:

This made my doubts crystal clear…I got it… highly recommend guys..thank u sir

unknown man says:

sir, you are very knowledgeable

hemant Sheoran says:

"RED might be in the box"
Plz solve this…

Rahman Mhate says:

You blabber a lot of nonsensical things while teaching. It irritates

Rafael Câmara says:

Really nice video! You have the gift of teaching sir!

Doubleagentaron says:

You are an excellent instructor from your voice to your approach.

William White says:


Saurabh Singh Chauhan says:

Bhai dara rha hai yar

BlueCarrots says:

You're so much fun 🙂 Easy to understand and follow too.

Jahanvi N says:

Your channel deserves a lot of subscribers. Happy I came across this channel. Many people are teaching wrong on YouTube.
Thank you for this!

haryanvi desh bhakt haryanvi says:

Thanks sir , other videos are just focusing on marks rather than making it understanding to students. you are doing it, keep it up sir

Bhumiben Chandarani says:

Very nice sir and very usefull

Nope Not says:

I like your enthusiasm, the vid is very helpful, thanks and good going mate

Lokesh Assistant Professor says:

nice explanation..

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