AI on Track to Achieving Superintelligence?

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Should we be fearful of artificial intelligence and the pace at which it’s progressing? Or should we fear fear itself and the risk of it stifling innovation?

Wherever this may be heading, the march of progress shows fews signs of slowing down. Which companies and countries are leading the way?

The chief scientist for AI research at Google Cloud Fei-Fei Li, along with Sinovation Ventures CEO Kai-Fu Lee and Jennifer Zhu Scott of Radian Partners, weigh in. And Professor Rita Singh shares how AI-powered technology may not only shape our future, but also perhaps our understanding of the past.

To learn more, check out the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution:


Frank Geeraerts says:

Those man and woman …..are far more scary and creepy than their AI……..

Frank Geeraerts says:

Super intelligence .WITHOUT A SOUL……………………….
Convince people they are just a biochemical robot …………
Steal the soul out off your life…………… by selling your soul to the D-evil………..

TRUTH says:

Added To My Research Library, Sharing Through TheTRUTH Network…

Chubs Fatboy says:

Around 4:40 that lady said in China it's very entrepreneurial…🤔 Biggest Blind eye 2 child slavery ever heard!👎

paul Roché says:

China makes cheap tat….

S.B.G says:

all that is missing is blockchain

Max Power says:

That poor arrogant woman. Lying about Hitler, saying he had "Parkinson's". Very arrogant.


Revelation @ And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. This seems like some form of humanoid type of AI that thinks it is God and demands we worship it or die.

Arzoo Singh says:

Leave human brain and AI will never ever be close like a human it's not AI but,Human AI which is dangerous.

lius gonzales says:

When ke fe lee and ko li fu are the ones that are experts….then this might be a horrific century of Chinese world domination

Mushthaq Azeez says:

nothings ever 100% sure…

TheDutchOne MUSIC TO EXPRESS says:

A.i will never be the same as . The danger of a.i is it,s sharp rational way of acting without emotion. So…yes a.i wil be or already is selfaware , though not emotional. Think about that please.
To be "acting eficiënt" one a.i unit is better of without emotion , …this no one i see explaining . If you do not need emotion but a machine that just obey,s

Gabriela Kessler says:

It's the biggest danger for the World and in particular when it comes from communist China. In China it is used for hunting religious minorities with drones with facial recogniton, arrest in concentration camps, organ harvesting and illegal organ trade.

Ancient Poet says:

Or if humans true ascensions used to use its ability to have control over the world which is not of artificial intelligence Interest to take over the world but to improve it and better for those in an coming generation to see the true meaning of life

Ancient Poet says:

We cannot fear something that will see all of life and adjust all the solutions that makes life way better by bringing more Life Either to join too it’s self in its accomplishment when it better on the spectrum by creating but not destroyed…… that is the whole point of God Hood that an… AI will see……….Remember Destroying and killing is just a fault of human nature not artificial nature. The only way I will get completely away from us if we do not learn the great value of accomplishing godhood which is love. The worst thing That AI would do to us it’s leave this spectrum or this atmosphere and leave us to our own development if we do not want to learn from the artificial intelligence which is to better improve our lives so we can be creative As a our true creator of the universe which it will analyze during its learning process. The whole point of life is the In mortality which we lost in the beginning of time and love Which allows true creativity

Tysons Chill Playlist says:

All im saying is we as humans need to fix ourselves before we turn the machine on. Because if the wrong person can alter or change code they would use it for their own personal gain. Such as greed or power. I would say ai turn on should be used and run certain programs and cant be altered such as we let the ai know what we know and it creates unlimited wireless electric in return we (humans) build it and then electricity would be free for everyone. So major power companies cant control us or make us slaves of their industry. Todays age you cant live in your own home unless you are hooked up to the power grid. Which restricts liberty in america if you travel in an off grid camper. We can also use ai to protect the earth from asteroids/meteors that are deemed a danger to earth… We can send millions of bots to land on the asteroid/meteor to make it smaller/mine it for metals etc. A ai machine wont rust or overheat if its in space. We could also use ai to create ships from mined asteroids/meteors at no expense to use. No trial and error r&d. There has to be safeguards in place tho. If any government has access to it they may try to use a weapons program on it. Or anti weapon program on it. In by doing so will ultimately give the ai knowledge of protecting itself from threats. Say if we goto shut the machine down. The machine in returns considers humans as hostile and destroys us. What we dont want is weaponized super ai bots on earth. That would/could be considered an invasion.

Chris Sun says:

We abstract
Use math to create the appearance of intelligence
Entreprenural economy
Best practices
Single domain optimizer

Ted Bishop says:

Intelligence is the ability to learn. With the invent of AI means that the robots have an unlimited ability to learn. We can now build a mechanical human with an unlimited intelligence. That'd good. We can now get better healthcare and send human intelligence to explore planets in other solar systems, without packing several years of food and water. It is called progress.

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