AI Isn’t Magic. It’s Just Math.

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Jana Eggers on why AI shouldn’t be feared, and must be understood.

Jana is the CEO of Nara Logics, a neuroscience-inspired artificial intelligence company providing a platform for recommendations and decision support. Jana’s career has taken her from 3-person business beginnings to 50,000-person enterprises. She’s opened the European logistics software offices as part of American Airlines, dived into the internet in ’96 at Lycos, founded Intuit’s corporate Innovation Lab, helped define mass customization at Spreadshirt, and researched conducting polymers at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Her passions are working with teams to define and deliver products customers love, algorithms and their intelligence, and inspiring teams to do more than they thought possible.


The Bob says:

What utter reckless bullshit. Nice strawman argument in the title. No one is saying that AI is magic. AI should absolutely be feared, and be heavily regulated. You guys may be good at math, but you are beyond retarded on logic, understanding complexity and risk, and wisdom. AI will be all encompassing, and enough top flight intellectuals and thinkers have deemed it to be a risk.

If you have something that is all encompassing, and it is deemed a risk, then it should be feared. Fear is a good thing. It prevents people from doing stupid risky things, especially THINGS THAT EFFECT THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE. Jesus Christ, some of you in the computer science world are so fucking autistic, you have no idea of complexity, or risk.

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