ADEL Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock – New model

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ADEL Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock – New model. Music by Kevin Macleod

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Twaha Heather says:

Can I install it on an pannelled wrought iron gate thats around 2 inch thick , outside where it rains and snows !

TechMack says:

he forgot to mention 2 prongs at the bottom is so you can hook up a 9 volt battery in case the batteries are dead

Jeraldy Cosme says:

So is there a code to protect anyone that just walks up and tries to activate a new finger print ??

Tyler White says:

Did he say girlfriend (s). LOL

Kenny Linda says:

I always prefer fingerprint door lock. And I once used the one of Molilock. It can easily recognize the fingerprint.


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aboalmlk aboalrhman says:

Can i use outside

Austɪn F says:

is the body metal or plastic?

Jordan Nelson says:

Omg so cool!

Y Khoa says:

Someone cut your fingers then…

dennis hopkins says:

would this be strong enough to put on your front door so u dont have to worry about ya kid loosing there key

Ethan says:

A couple of your girlfriends cant get in program their fingerprint

John doe says:

Is the door included as well?

Thiago Cavalcante says:

is it possible to delete (block access) a certain fingerprint? Let's say I don't want someone access the office anymore.

Tabbatha Rose says:

Hello it's me

Frog Lock Locksmith says:

Is it come with deadbolt lock or only latch ?

Bill c says:

Looking at the box, your fingerprint will be sent to China. Period

Glenn Mccreedy says:


014Chevy says:

ok having a key completely runes the fact that there is a finger scanner

jhoan ortiz cepeda says:

thanks for the video!!! I have a question and it is how can I delete all the fingenprints that I have already on the lock? thanks before hands

Porti says:

where can i found an online manual?

Christian Torres says:

Look WAY to easy to break in with a crow bar or a hammer… Top end is the most loose since there isn't 2 screw like on the buttom…

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