A.I. Learns to play Snake using Deep Q Learning

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Can an AI learn to play the perfect game of Snake?
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Mrfatskin says:

Why didn’t you just change the color of the snake so the head is a different color from the butt, and make it to where they know which one is the head…

cunningcoder5255 says:

make an AI that plays tetris!

Jure Ereš says:

Every single sub watch this video😂😂😂😂😂 we missed you dude😅

diego alejandro Cruces says:

Does anyone know which laptop does he have? I am getting into AI and my laptop just broke lol

Logan J says:

a video idea: tower defense game like balloons td, itd be hard but it would be very cool to see what happens

Luckless Rain says:

Yay he’s alive

GameBrake999 says:

Make A AI That Plays Zerg Rush

GameBrake999 says:

Make A AI That Plays Zerg Rush

TheMofoHeister says:

B r o o k l y n N i n e

Nathan Whewall says:

1:47 why does it say ai learns to drive

Kasey Turner says:

Sup fuckers

BxPanda7 says:

You can also make an "AI" that can finish the game 100% of the time by telling it to go top to bottom to top to bottom, leaving one pixel of space and loop around using that last pixel. Eventually it will finish the game.
Take THAT neural networks 😀

BxPanda7 says:

couldn't you simply change the color of he snakes head ??

The Games says:

You videos always bring a smile to my face, thank you for being a part of my life.

Betalpha Gaming says:

I love how his initial says cb

Rajesh Raut says:

Where is 1.5 million dot video?

TheBaconator3000 says:

You should make an AI that learns how to subscribe to and watch code bullet

Focus Tablet says:

Make an ai to play the game unblocked

Cole Wood says:

Maybe he was just so tired of working that he just lost his mind.

Braydon Pudlo says:

Mate, it's been a couple of weeks

Cake Jacob says:

Ur way behind on trends

TheAvirus says:

People who dont know shit about coding:Ahhh nani!

Hirn says:

Try expanding it's view to be large enough to see the entire screen, while always centered on the head. Reward it for getting a apple, and punish it for dying. Punish it for staying within a certain range of a block, so say it has it's head within 10 pixels of a single point for over 100 movements.

Wavy Dimensions says:

I swear your youtube channel is curse the views are very weird all the same numbers after 1 mil views

Xomboid Gaming says:

Every time the Adrian died (later in the vid) he died because he got blocked off and was coiled up. So maybe you should give him the view of all the pixels around the snake.

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