13 of the smartest Artificial Intelligence companies according to MIT

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At the end of 2016 and as part of MIT’s annual review of the world’s 50 smartest companies. MIT Ranked the World's 13 Smartest Artificial Intelligence Companies.

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13. IBM

12. Line

11. Bosch.

10. Improbable

9. Fanuc

8. Microsoft.

7. Didi Chuxing

6. Facebook

5. Enlitic

4. NVidia.

3. Alphabet

2. Tesla

1. Baidu

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premium 8 says:

It’s Andrej karpathy ( Director of AI ) behind Elon’s tesla

Open Sesame says:

india should start something with all its computer engineers and scientists and mathematicians

Alok Patel says:

Future is in AI. BUT have you ever wondered how actually it works for top brand companies.. https://viainsider.com/personalization-using-ai/

Munchy says:

Ummm, where is Amazon?

welomehell says:

Good video, but where is Google?

S L says:

Never heard of Biadu

paul8kangas says:

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Edmund Ng says:

I have nothing against Baidu but I get malware and trojan notices almost every day when using their search engine. Maybe that's the reason why Andrew Ng left.

Kittywampus Drums says:

Alphabet has partnered with SingularityNET (chekc them out!) to build the marketplace for AI and incentivize the AI data sharing to build AGI and decentralized neural nodes

Stef Er says:

how to switch off the background music?

K J says:

I was wondering where the American Army and NASA would stand in such ranking?

Sarabella Gignac says:

Where is D:Wave? hmmm so it's Transistor AI not QBits Quantum AI …

Mike Massino says:

Nvidia is a great stock investment

Zhen DING says:

baidu and didi are shit, joke video

Denny Spence says:

Registry system on standby and in development, with privacy focused on user(s) private data.

A Singh says:

Great video

Chatbot Markup Language says:

Number Zero: chatbot.tk the dumbest A.I. (company in the future) an easy start for beginners to learn artificial intelligence.

John .Ellies says:

Good vid, hope they keep coming and you increase the knowledge content as they do!

Love A.I Robotics says:

this got me thinking, I watch videos like this for New ideas. so please keep making them. I love it. 😇😏

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