10gb Peer to Peer With Your FreeNAS Server

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Feel like you arent getting the performance you should from your FreeNAS server? Maybe your network is your bottleneck like it was for me. Upgrading to 10gb networking is fast, easy, and best of all…cheap!

Get the NICs and DAC cable here:
Pair of 10gb NICs: http://amzn.to/2txrq3k
1m DAC cable: http://amzn.to/2txpiZH

Also available on eBay…sometimes cheaper:

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H3RO887 says:

Starts at 8:00. Note: The Amazon link is dead for the 10G card is dead, but you can still find the Mellanox cards on Amazon. If you are using a Mac or you are running a Hackintosh, don’t order the Mellanox cards. They are NOT compatible with OSX (but they are for Windows/Linux). If you want OSX compatibility go for the Solarflare SFN5122F Dual-port 10G Ethernet SFP+ Adapter. I found them on eBay for as low as $16 USD (seller ID was unixpluscom).

Ian Eisenberg says:

Any chance for an update on this? A lot of the interface has changed and every time I try to configure my 10GB ports my netconfig has to be reset.

The Erased Guy says:

Great overview, this is exactly what I'm looking to do, but I couldn't find a clear cut answer on how to do it.

Marcin Sosna says:

You presented the problems very nicely 🙂

Jason Hall says:

Iscsi would be a better use of the nas as you won’t have the overhead of smb/cifs/nfs

H G says:

Great video, just tweak metrics in system and u can use both 10g and 1g on same lan

Sten Isaksson says:

Besides the CPU, the chipset also have PCIe lanes. But the chipset only have 4 PCIe lanes to the CPU on the Intel platform so that's a bandwidth limitation.

Jeffrey Riggs says:

Good stuff.. im not even on freenas yet but im starting to benchmark like you are…
ive got HP HCA Mellanox cards – dual port seem like connectx (yes connectx-1)
and im running diskmark myself…
I created ramdisks on each machine, copy files between and they seem to go at 700MB/s copying an 8gb file between machines in a pier to pier.
if I do a benchmark against the ramdrive itself… I get 7347 in my first field so it seems nice and fast…
its interesting diskmark isn't coming anywhere near what yours looks like but when I copy files between I cant reach your speeds… could possibly be my firmware on nic now as I read somewhere on Mellanox anything below 2.9.1000 runs slower…next up – learn how to make custom firmware…

Derek Morrison says:

Taylord Tech, I just built a freenas server as a new host for my storage. Previously it was a mac mini with 10gb on it, and I just updated to brand new 10TB WD Gold's which avg 200MB/s more or less. I had 8 in a Raid5 config. On the mac mini direct to/from disk was 900/1100MB respectively, but SMB with Mac as host is terrible avg 300MB/s over the NIC. With Freenas i was seeing full utilization of the 10g, but I'm not getting the read/write performance as I was on the mac. Any idea what can be done on the freenas side? I'm running intel quad core cpu w/HT w/16GB Ram. Love the channel, keeping up with the tech. I am also considering the Cisco Fabric Interconnect to add a 3rd computer to the 10g network.


I imagine a large ssd HD in a freenas server that has a 10gbE card with a cable from that mellenox card to a a switch that would share that cable to 4 – 5 computers. Can this be done with freenas ?


Good to know about the Audio on blender I like blender too but its so problematic ! I am understanding that this FREENAS server is directly connected one mellanox to another. Im missing something because I need a server to share files to 4 computers. I am not understanding something about this video.

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