007 Boomerang: How AI is Helping The Masses

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007 Boomerang: How AI is Helping The Masses

Artificial Intelligence, robots and cognitive computing are hot topics right now. It seems they are part of every conversation as our cars, computers, mobile devices and so many other things in our lives are becoming smarter thanks to new technology.

However, there is still a lot of fear, uncertainty and mystery around this new technology. Everything from what it means to peoples’ jobs, to whether or not people will be able to create normal relationships in a time where man and machine share the world we live in.

Practical applications for AI are in the works, and not all of its uses will be far reaching. Today we are seeing mobile assistants, chat bots and search powered by AI that are truly making our life and work better.

Recently the app Boomerang launched with the goal of using AI to make our email smarter. Taking past conversations, social data and other information to help rate whether the email is as high impact as it can be. Given that email is still the number one form of business communication, this means we can send better email, making a bigger internal and external impact with the help of artificial intelligence.

The future will continue to be shifted as our machines get smarter. However, much of what the technology can do will power a brighter future, full of better communication.

Here are a few thoughts on the new Boomerang announcement along with what it means for sales, email and business communication.


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