क्या ये इंसानो के लिए Helpful हे Do Artificial Intelligence is Helpful for Humans.

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The founder of Tesla Motors and Space X, Elon Musk, described artificial intelligence as our ‘biggest existential threat’ while speaking at MIT.

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Facto Mania says:

Follow karo Insta per for more Facts.

KLASO says:

I think ai will care nature better than human.

captain ankit says:

Bro yaar Dara diya aapne to 😱😱😱
Aaj se technology kum se kum use karunga 😱

prakash bhattarai says:

Human finish karega robot

Animal photoshoot says:

Ai will harm us. We should stop making AI robots.

ramkrishna roy says:

Sorry I didn't saw this

Riyaz Pathan says:

Face app agya hai boss

Abhishek Kori says:

Dimaag jhanna gaiya

Abhishek Kori says:

Kasam se mil jai Tange Tood Dunga inki mc

Abhishek Kori says:

Antha karib hai

Sanjay Karavadara says:

Small video😞

Anil Bhadke says:

AI duniya ko swarg bana dega sab free mai milega house car ghumna firna sab robotics machine ki wajah se paise ki value nhi rahegi tab

Raushan Kumar says:

Earth feature is dangrous

Raushan Kumar says:

Your search video is grate

Ashok Sah says:

Eillean vi aek Ai he kya

Guddou Shukla says:

Sophiya hai hollywood face

Ishpreet Singh Jassal says:

Too much dangers

the legend cricketers says:

Agr insan ise bna skta he to mita bhi skta he

the legend cricketers says:

Mene ek ko bhi nahi dekha he

Ashish Sharma says:

Bhai AI Ko itna advance nahi bananaa chaiye maalum.pde insaano ka wajood hi naa rahe sabki fat jaayegi fir

Sachin Rawat says:

Bhenchod sare kaam robots hi karenge to job kya ghanta milegi

Abhay Baheti says:

This is very dangerous. We r disturbing Nature. So one fine day Nature will punish us. Be careful. Too much is Too bad.

Anmol Singh says:

Human kon fines

ŋɛ ɦɑ says:

Sab marenge!!!!

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