An open conversation with Molly Wright Steenson, hosted by Northeastern University’s Center for Design (CfD). (More)

Vote for Women Tech Charge in the Webby’s People’s Voice: – last day to vote Thursday 7th May! (More)

Machines are already very good at recognising human emotions when they have a static, frontal view of a person’s face. Maja Pantic, Professor of Affective and Behavioral Computing at Imperial College London, shares progress towards identifying people’s emotions “in the wild” and discusses possible applications, from marketing to medicine. (More)

On the evening of 29th November 2018, the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (CFI) hosted an expert panel on ‘The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Views from History’ featuring: (More)

Juris Puce from KleinTech Services will be giving presentation on actual uses of machine vision in combination with deep learning as for inspection of passing trains and wagons on railroad.
Juris will provide information on what kind of tasks KleinTech Services and 4SmartStreets teams are solving as well as information on limitations of vision and deep learning and some ways to possibly overcome them by using common sense.
(Language — Latvian)
Tags: Deep learning, Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence
Juris is a CEO of KleinTech Services, Partner in 4SmartStreets and a technology enthusiast with main focuses on finding ways to use technology in optimisation of different areas. The main expertise Juris has is in areas of DL/Machine vision and information security. Juris has more than 15 years of experience in technology and holds large amounts of different certifications, but more importantly has a lot of practical experience managing teams in related fields. (More)

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1211: (More)

Interview with Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley, at the AI for Good Global Summit 2018, ITU, Geneva, Switzerland. (More)

Original post: (More)

MIT researchers have developed an algorithm for bounding that they’ve successfully implemented in a robotic cheetah. (Learn more: (More)

Warfare is going through its most significant change in human history. This is an in-depth look at how robotics is increasingly preventing soldiers from rich nations from dying in battle.
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Awesome Sony robots in Japan! They move really smoothly and quickly for machines. I’m impressed. (More)

Robots at war 😀 (More)

Love those cool robots on futuristic movies? Here is a bunch of super cool household robots that you can keep at your home. These robots are super cool that they can do a lot of things easier for you. They come with unique features like personal assistant, smart home monitoring etc. All the robots featured in this video are linked down below. (More)

A.I. advancements are making robots look more like humans. How long until they replace us? (More)

Sony sent us an AIBO ERS-1000 robot dog! Always wanted one as a kid & now Jon & I get some time to review it! Galaxy S10e cameras FILMED THIS! We were BLOWN AWAY by the AIBO! He is so realistic that we forgot he wasn’t real! Check him out! He develops and matures over time to become a unique dog, a product of his experiences!
Http:// (More)

Last episode, we treated our Decision Tree as a blackbox. In this episode, we’ll build one on a real dataset, add code to visualize it, and practice reading it – so you can see how it works under the hood. And hey — I may have gone a little fast through some parts. Just let me know, I’ll slow down. Also: we’ll do a Q&A episode down the road, so if anything is unclear, just ask! (More)

As Android pushes the boundaries of machine learning, 5G, foldables, and more, developers continue to help shape these new frontiers. (More)

In this video I outline the 7 scariest or most dangerous technology trends we all need to get ready for. (More)

Artificial intelligence and intelligent robots already exist. But what decisions can technology make on our behalf? How far can it go? AI is still in its infancy. (More)

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Deepmind technology wrecking old Atari games, presented by neuroscientist and game developper Demis Hassabis, Deepmind CEO.
(More information on this article :
Event held @ First Day of Tomorrow #1, april 2014, Paris (More)

Wykład “Kluczowe czynniki strategicznej niepewności w Polsce: co je powoduje, jakie rodzą skutki?” wygłoszony 6 marca w Świetlicy Wolności w Warszawie (More)

Machine ethics is an emerging discipline that enables ethical problems to be refined into something computational, that machines and humans can both understand rationally. New technologies can make ethical decisions calculable and transactional for the first time. Furthermore, Artificial Moral Advisors can help inform human beings of the potential trade-offs and repercussions of their decisions, and help people live more. Nell Watson believes these new capabilities self-reinforce each other, and have the potential of reshaping the moral fabric of our society within a generation.
– This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at (More)

Serious Science –
Philosopher David Edmonds on relationship between moral philosophy and robotics, artificial intelligence and ethics that we should build into machines (More)

How do different cultures value human life? To find out, researchers created a viral online experiment to gather data from millions of participants across the world. Some values generalised across cultures, but others came as a surprise. Find out more in this Nature Video. (More)

Everyone’s familiar with the science fiction scenarios of “AI gone wrong”, but what’s the reality of the situation? This talk introduces AI Safety, a field of research which analyses the actual problems we’re likely to face with powerful AI systems, and tries to find technical solutions to them, so we can ensure that artificial general intelligence is safe and beneficial for humanity. (More)

Prof Dr Prof h.c. Andreas Dengel (Scientific Director of the Smart Data & Knowledge Services Research Department, DFKI) is interviewed by Dr Nabil Alsabah (Head of Artificial Intelligence, Bitkom) about “AI: The Blurring Line Between Reality and Science Fiction” at on April 10th 2019. (More)

Hans-Christian Boos,Digital transformation of businesses, automation and lessons learned in Germany. Who needs to automate, why and how? (More)

Accenture Chief Technology Officer Paul Daugherty on and the fallout from the Facebook data scandal. (More)

✎ In today’s video, Mark Cuban talks about the importance of AI in entrepreneurship, and why you need to learn the basics of it. (More)


Dr. Joscha Bach talks with the Art of Inquiry students about his work. (More)

Joscha Bach speaking at the 6th International FQXi Conference, “Mind Matters: Intelligence and Agency in the Physical World.” (More)