Ethics for artificial intelligence - not so straightforward.
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The inspiration for Kelly McGillis' character in Top Gun, Christine Fox is the Assistant Director for Policy and Analysis of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Prior to joining APL, she served as Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense from December 2013 to May 2014, making her the highest-ranking female official in history to serve in the Department of Defense. Ms. Fox is a three-time recipient of the Department of Defense Distinguished Service Medal. She has also been awarded the Department of the Army’s Decoration for Distinguished Civilian Service. (More)

The IBM Power Systems team recently caught up with some of the leading thinkers in artificial intelligence to discuss what they see as the future of AI. (More)

Computers and machines are becoming more powerful, faster and able to make decisions on their own. Does this brave new world of artificial intelligence signal the greatest triumph of human ingenuity or, as some fear, the demise of humankind? Some of the world's most influential figures warn that AI could advance to the point where we can no longer control it. Others say such concerns are overblown. AI is assisting doctors in diagnosing patients, running security systems for homes and helping investigators solve crimes by analyzing patterns. Autonomous vehicles may eventually become commonplace. Some even argue that algorithmic trading provides better returns than human portfolio managers. This session will explore the latest advances in AI and examine how it is integrating so seamlessly into everyday life. (More)

Imagine a teacher that can deliver completely personalized lessons to an entire classroom of students. Simultaneously. That’s one vision for the use of artificial intelligence systems in education. But it’s not all there yet, and potentially represents a long list of trade-offs as well. (More)

Traditional education systems are failing us. Download your guide to bridging the Digital Skills Gap here: (More)

The Wow Room will break with the traditional onsite, blended and online education models to transform the learning experience through elements that include artificial intelligence, simulations in real time, big data analysis, interactive robots, emotion recognition systems, and the presence of experts using holograms. (More)

With over 400 testing laboratories around the world, Bureau Veritas is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification. From hydrocarbons to mineral ores, consumer products and food processing – Bureau Veritas experts control, analyze and test all types of components on the market. Today, Artificial Intelligence is gradually being installed in Bureau Veritas laboratories. New testing methods and productivity gains are heralding the era of “test 4.0”. (More)

Cosmo Tech uses Augmented Intelligence to help model and simulate complex systems, allowing decision makers to make the most optimal decisions. (More)

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Recorded at the 13th Software Architects Meetup : (More)

Go to if you want my Free Course on how to Overcome Limiting Beliefs in 3 easy steps! (More)

Dan Faggella (@danfaggella) is the Founder and CEO of Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research that helps world-leading organizations like the World Bank, the United Nations, INTERPOL, CERN, Harvard and more navigate the competitive landscape of AI capabilities, and build strategies that win. He's also the host of AI in Industry podcast and grown and sold two previous companies. (More)

Dan Faggella is the Founder & CEO of Emerj (formerly TechEmergence) the only market research & company discovery platform focused exclusively on artificial intelligence and machine learning. (More)

Are humans inherently better than machines? Or do computers have the advantage on us when it comes to intelligence? (More)

Though the field of artificially intelligent computers is exploding, not all scientists promise great things; some warn this could be mankind’s greatest disaster. Films portray a future where computers become smarter than humanity, developing their own ideas about how to implement their programming based on what they think is most beneficial for everyone, including themselves. (More)

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Check out 10 of the most awesome Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups in India
We focus on a diverse field of AI startups, including startups from Healthcare, Logistics, FinTech, among others
Any AI startup we missed? Let us know in the comments! (More)

This is why the Robotics and A.I ETF from Global X is my favorite ETF! With top holdings such as Nvidia, Yaskawa, Keyence and Intuitive Surgical, I think this ETF is one of the higher quality holdings on the market. (More)


Google Tech Talks
December, 13 2007 (More)

Natural Language Processing is a field of Artificial Intelligence dedicated to enabling computers to understand and communicate in human language. NLP is only a few decades old, but we've made significant progress in that time. I'll cover how its changed over the years, then show you how you can easily build an NLP app that can either classify or summarize text. This is incredibly powerful technology that anyone can freely use, I'll show you how to do it. Enjoy! (More)

The algorithm of choice, at least at a basic level, for text analysis is often the Naive Bayes classifier. Part of the reason for this is that text data is almost always massive in size. The Naive Bayes algorithm is so simple that it can be used at scale very easily with minimal process requirements. (More)

This is a brief introduction to text mining for beginners. Find out how text mining works and the difference between text mining and key word search, from the leader in natural language based text mining solutions. Learn more about NLP text mining in 90 seconds:
Learn more about NLP text mining for clinical risk monitoring (More)

this video shows How To Take essl or other brand biometric fingerprint time attendance machine data to usb pendrive (More)

Meet polished professionals, skilled in industries from sales to healthcare to insurance, who demonstrate the quality of Liveops' 20,000 independent agents nationwide. Liveops offers flexible call center solutions with on-demand virtual agents. (More)

Case Study: Expert Planet -- Why and How We Use Virtual Agents - (More)

This video shows an example interaction between a user and the virtual character Poppy, a Sensitive Artificial Listener created by the SEMAINE project, The SEMAINE software is open source and can be downloaded from (More)

I know this is rather old, but I feel it was very important to cover this on this channel. This is a 19 minute lecture altogether, and I put two of the most important parts of it to reveal how he admits that quantum computers are directly or indirectly responsible for the Mandela Effect, without actually saying it out right. I would encourage anyone who hasn't seen this in its entirety to go and listen to this. It's called " Geordie Rose - Quantum Computing: Artificial Intelligence Is Here" I need to also add that CERN is very much involved as well, as they are the muscle and D-Wave quantum computers are the brains. They have at least 3 of these quantum computers at their location in Switzerland. There are also many more hadron colliders located in various places around the world. (More)

This is a trailer for my classic interview with D-Wave CTO Geordie Rose where we discuss a variety of topics such as AI and Quantum Computing. You can see the full 2.5 hours video here: (More)

SP Jain, in collaboration with ET NOW, conducts a panel discussion series on the role of technology in the future. In the first discussion of the series telecast on ET NOW - ‘Enabling Productivity and Efficiency’ – industry leaders from Machine Learning, AI, Big Data and Analytics domains come together to discuss the role of Artificial Intelligence in the jobs of tomorrow. (More) (More)

here is the original video published 4 years ago without the commentary: (More)

Mark Zuckerberg's presentation of his Jarvis A.I. is more robotic than the house itself. Xiaoice chatbot has millions of Chinese men falling in love with it. Amazon will teach your kids to say “please” and “thank you.”
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